High Energy Pugs Cannot Stop Being Adorable.

High Energy Pugs Cannot Stop Being Adorable. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There is nothing cuter than a puppy. Add three pug puppies to the mix and the cute factor goes through the roof. Only a couple of weeks old, the mischievous trio has an abundance of energy no caffeinated drink can rival. The pugs in the video are seen running around, tugging at a rope toy and quickly switching their attention to running. After this intense workout, the dogs stop for a quick snack and then continue their high-energy playtime. These pugs, small in size but big in personality are captured in their element. Pugs are originally from China, a relatively small breed that can live approximately 11 years. Although the video will show very active puppies, pugs generally love to nap and are great family pets. Aside from being fantastic with children, pugs are also characterized as dogs who love to tease their owners. It’s safe to say, where ever this trio goes, they bring excitement and lots of fun; there are definitely the stars of the show and own any room they are in.

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