Hilarious DIY Fails That Will Make You Think DI…WHY???

Hilarious DIY Fails That Will Make You Think DI…WHY??? March 31, 2023Leave a comment

So you woke up one morning and decided to create something new. It could have been anything, but you were sure you’d love it because you created it with your own two hands. But whatever you imagined it would be didn’t exactly translate well at the end, and what you got was a huge mess you wish you could take back. So in honor of all those DIY creations that were total disasters, we present you with these hideous objects that were probably a lot worse than anything you could have invented.It looks like someone melted some cheddar cheese on and then slapped a bunch of twigs on it. It looks nauseating. Bet this person wishes they could go back and stop themselves from making this.

Sure, you’ll be wearing the 16th president on each ear, but can you really afford to show them off and let the world know you prefer cheap jewelry that’s worth a penny? Didn’t think so.

It’d be fun to go on stage on amateur night and play “Stairway to Heaven” and watch everyone look at you like you’ve lost your mind when they see this hideous acoustic/electric hybrid.

Talk about being a size queen! Whoever did this probably made heads turn, but not in a good way. They were probably wondering what this person was even thinking.

And don’t worry! No one would ever suspect that you’ve been drinking way too much during your off hours. Plus, it gives your lamp table such a lime green motif!

You add a lock like this one. Okay, so you might have totally lowered the value of your car when you’re ready to trade it in, but at least your fuel tank will be safe for a while.

And we thought Piper on “Orange Is The New Black” made a hideous fashion mistake when she made flip-flops out of tampon pads. But this really takes home the cake for fashion fail.

We don’t know if these nails make us hungry or nauseous, but we sure hope that this person didn’t use real eggs to create this unusual nail art.

Do we like pizza? Yes. Do we like candy corn? Does a zebra have stripes? But combining these two seems like something only an eight-year-old would do.

Until then, this DIY idea is like an invitation to every thief in the area to come right on in and steal your car while you sleep, work, or shop.

This is actually not so bad. We can definitely see the advantages of this creation, especially when you have kids who hate doing chores, but they probably wouldn’t want to risk being seeing riding this to school.

It’s all about keeping up appearance and you probably made your car look ten times cooler. But if you ever invite a date into your car, they’re in for a rude shock.

Who needs this many switches to turn lights on or off, unless it’s like a universal remote control where each switch controls something different. Then this would be cool!

Who said that being a new parent leaves you with no time to do anything? This parent sure had plenty of time to turn her bland looking sink into something right out of “The Little Mermaid”.

We know what we need to get this person for Christmas. A knife rack! Who knows? Maybe this person is trying to make a statement here that they hate books.

That van wasn’t going anywhere. But at least now, it serves a brand-new purpose, like adding a little more living space to your small home. Just don’t tell anyone you live in a van.

We’ve heard that being on a budget can be tough when you’re planning a wedding, but this is downright ridiculous. We’d almost feel bad for the groom who has to stand next to the bride smelling burritos.

Looks like this person took the concept of USB stick to literal. Now wandering minds want to know what exactly does this do, or if it’s strictly decorative.

It’s a temporary solution at best, but when no one comes down to replace the freaking door handle, this definitely comes through in a pinch.

Guess the whole concept of bathroom out of order was totally lost on this guy. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty clever solution. Let’s hope it’s only temporary.

Make it fit by cutting a small portion of the backdoor to house the wheel. Not only will it ensure that your bike fits, but it’ll keep it from falling off when you’re driving like a speed demon.

Does it revolutionize footwear for men everywhere? Absolutely not! They’re hideous! In fact, they’re so bad that not even Payless would sell these in their stores.

Great job, man! This is a sure-fire way to ensure that you lower your home’s property value. And don’t worry! The missus won’t be mad at all when she sees this.

They also seem to have a thing for “The Simpsons.” We’re not exactly sure that any children should, or would want to get into this.

As if severed doll heads weren’t scary enough, now you’re turning them into nightlights that make Annabelle look like a Raggedy Ann Doll.

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