Hilarious Photos Of Little Kids Who Are So Done With Weddings.

Hilarious Photos Of Little Kids Who Are So Done With Weddings. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are countless stories and photographs of children stealing the spotlight at weddings. And it’s okay, it’s kind of expected. For every bride and groom eager to invite young children to their wedding, there’s another that is extremely hesitant to bring theirs because they know the disruption they can cause. When you see these hilarious photos of kids at weddings, you’ll agree that they should always be included because they are just too darn cute to be left at home.Watching your kids slowly die of boredom while you tie the knot: PRICELESS!

Her shenanigans stole the show right in the middle of her auntie’s wedding. And they thought they’d only have to worry about their drunk uncle and their horrible sister-in-law!

But are we sure this isn’t just a cat dressed up in little boy’s clothing? Hmmm.

Even that little kid on the left is dozing off into La La Land to try to put up with the major snoozefest that is that wedding.

This kid didn’t last a single minute out there, but hey, let’s be honest here. Most adults wish they could just bailed like he did!

But hey, when you gotta dig, you gotta dig, you feel me?

They probably had a trillion appointments with the photographer to discuss every detail, the lightning, the placement of the bridesmaids, and more…all for the kid to just go “ugh, I wanna GTFO”!

A grown up would’ve fake smiled through the whole thing, we’ve been trained to do that. But a kid? Oh, they’re not about to mask their true emotions. No way.

But that kid was having none of it and he wanted to defend the poor helpless bride. Who says chivalry is dead?!

And sure, it’s cute and the food is great and all, but it’s no Disneyland, let’s just be honest!

The cameraman must’ve been hella confused. He probably didn’t know whether to help the kid or keep recording it all!

Because watching other people say their “I do’s” and declare their everlasting love for one another doesn’t necessarily scream “fun,” right?

On the left, a happy innocent flower girl who was thrilled to be part of the wedding. On the right, the same little girl after a looooong reception that clearly was dreadful beyond belief.

The little kid on the right probably should’ve raised his hand when the minister asked everyone if they had an objection against these two getting married, or to forever hold their peace. Now it’s too late!

And while dad was quick to try to catch the kids before they do something crazy, we do have to wonder…wouldn’t it be smart to put the glass down first?

Whatever it is, it beats throwing a tantrum at the altar, huh?

Little kids don’t have the vocabulary to express how they’re feeling, but they could always just throw the ring bearer pillow down the aisle, huh?

But perhaps, he’s just not that into being the center of attention.

But that baby seems to be less than thrilled to be wearing that headband. We can’t blame her, though!

But hey, it beats listening to them yap in your ear about how they’d rather be home, playing videogames, huh?

But we’ve got to admit, this nonchalant kid playing with his toys definitely made the wedding pics 100 times better!

“Spending your life next to the most important person in your life, growing old together, surrounded by everlasting love? Ewww! Get me out of here!”

Now the good news: look at him throw! Sign this kid up!

The flower girl is either crying tears of joy or she’s totally regretting having said yes to this gig. We feel ya, girl, we feel ya!

But there’s no way she could’ve predicted the little flower girl would decide to flash everyone her Mickey Mouse panties. But hey! Can you blame her? They’re just so adorable!

They promised he’d look like a million bucks on that tux, but no one warned him about how uncomfortable they are to wear! We bet he wishes he could just show up in Pj’s.

But to be fair, every other bridesmaid seems to be in the same boat, they just know how to hide it better!

But after a few seconds, she wanted nothing to do with it. We kind of hope the man ended up replacing her. Now that would’ve been iconic!

But that white walking cloth rag was a disaster waiting to happen anyway! Seriously, why would anyone want to walk over something that resembles a stretched out roll of toilet paper? Pass!

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