17 Hilarious Truths On The Difference Between Men And Women.

17 Hilarious Truths On The Difference Between Men And Women. October 2, 2017

Men and women are difference creatures; we all know this. Despite the acknowledgement on both parts, many of us would still marvel at how different god has created both the sexes. It’s like they really did come from different planets with different atmospheres and living conditions. This here is the modern depiction of the difference of both genders.One of the reasons being a woman is sometimes a lot better.

It’s unfair, but this has existed and been approved for centuries now.

A man doesn’t need much to fool himself, while a woman would not let anything past her.

And men only come with a simple manual or ‘Read Me’.

Maybe because women have too much to work on, and men too little?

What is it about a woman’s disappearance that draws people’s attention?

And their brains always need something to aim at.

There’s just something appealing about a woman recently being single than there is in a man.

Probably due to men’s way of handling their feelings.

In a way, both men and women have so much they want to hide.

It’s amazing how different upbringing still result in the same difference.

This is probably why people say boys are pigs.

But seriously, it’s just too funny to let go.

Are men too simple of a creature?

Though the world would probably collapse if both men and women are this simple.

This would be mean and uncalled for, if it wasn’t true.

And men tend to lose more.