12 Hilarious Walmart Stereotypes By State.

12 Hilarious Walmart Stereotypes By State. March 16, 2020

Seeing the people that shop at Walmart is one of the best things about going there. For unknown reasons, Walmart is really good at attracting some weirdos. But not every weirdo is alike. Actually, every single state has its own kind of Walmart weirdo. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s some proof.

Everyone knows that not every part of California is like LA, but there’s a reason why the stereotype is true: girls from Cali love to read gossip mags and work out. Maybe they read so many tabloids because they’re preparing themselves for getting the own reality TV show just like the Kardashians. Are you okay with wearing your state’s flag?

There’s no doubt whatsoever that people from Texas are super proud of being from Texas, and they make sure everyone knows it. It was more than enough for him to wear that huge belt buckle and cowboy hat, but of course, he had to wear his Texas flag vest to Walmart, too. If all drugs are bad in your opinion, you should never go here.

One of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana was Colorado, and now we know why. People from Colorado are extremely loyal to the 420 lifestyle and their clothes say it all. Is Walmart worth a 3,000 mile trip?

We’re convinced that this person isn’t actually from Hawaii, but we’re also convinced that most Hawaiians know better than to actually shop at Walmart wearing bikinis. So what we’re left with are crazy tourists that think that just because they’re in a tropical paradise, they can leave all inhibitions at the airport. You’ll understand this next one if you enjoy reality TV.

There was a reason why “Jersey Shore” was a huge sensation. The show accurately presented a very particular type of person from Jersey: those that have no problem spending way too much time on their appearance, even if they’re only going to Walmart, And the ones that act like they’re on their way to New York fame. This next girl could be the next Snooki. The next photo will make you feel embarrassed for them.

Portlandia has taught us only one thing: Oregon is a weird place. For example, were you aware that Oregon has the most ghost towns than any other state? Maybe that’s where this shopper came from, but most likely any other explanation for her appearance will do. You might not thinks there’s too much to flyover country, but you’re wrong.

Did you know that Ohio is known for having the most heavy metal bands in the United States? This fella seems extremely excited about that little fact. He’s so excited that he decided to hula-hoop in Walmart about it. We wonder if Ohio has the most hula-hoopers, as well. We could always Google it. You’ve probably ran into this if you’ve ever been to New York City.

This is so predictable that it’s actually boring. It’s no mystery that a lot of young, attractive humans, that enjoy dressing well and partying, flock to New York City. But what we didn’t know was that they like to climb inside displays at grocery stores, as well. That’s odd. If you’re easily scared, stay away from this state.

Stephen King, one of the most famous horror writers in history, is a native of Maine. We’re not sure if it’s because of the lack of entertainment, or the cold weather, but Maine is full of weirdos. What we have here is an obvious fan of IT, who may have went a little too far on his costume. Florida Man has become Internet famous, but have you heard of Old Florida Woman?

This photo perfectly represents Florida – plastic surgery and old people. This lady is probably extremely proud of her rather large bosom, but it looks like she’s going to fall forward at any moment. Hopefully that bottle she’s holding is full of calcium, because it sure looks like she’s going to need them. This next guy could be you in a few years, so try not to be so judgmental.

The heart of country music finds its home in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s also where you can find Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. It looks like this guy is a huge fan of The King and Johnny Cash, but he just couldn’t decide who he wanted to look like. So he did the best he could at combining them. If you thought you knew everything there was to know about cowboy boots, you were surely mistaken.

It’s easy to fall victim to a style faux pas when all you wear are utility clothes for you job as a rancher. But this shopper of Walmart realized he didn’t have to suffer any longer by wearing the newest cowboy fashion: elf boots. We’re pretty sure that’s not what they’re actually called, but it seemed appropriate, considering he’s shopping for Christmas decorations.