High School Senior Yearbook Quotes That Made It Past The Editor.

High School Senior Yearbook Quotes That Made It Past The Editor. May 10, 2021

High school… you either loved it or hated it. But most of you have at least one good memory of those four years you’ll never forget, and in case you do, you have your yearbook to turn to. Yearbooks provide a window into your past. There are photos of you and your fellow students and many of them wrote epic quotes. But there are some seniors who chose silliness in lieu of inspiration when they wrote these quotes that will have you rolling on the floor.High school is a chaotic period for a lot of students. But some students experience more stress than others. Clearly, Randey’s journey wasn’t a relaxing bike ride through the park. But his quote sums up what high school was like for some people.

It’s always the ones who are smiling and laughing all the time that you have to be extra careful with. So next time someone’s giving off a belly laugh, don’t laugh with them. Hold your breath instead. You’ll be glad you did.

This former senior rocked a mustache, a tuxedo, and played the bongos. So, we totally agree that he was not “Amith” but rather a legend. But we wonder what he’s up to now. No doubt he’s probably saving lives as a doctor who plays bongos on the side.

It’s probably why he chose this quote for his yearbook. So, people would stop singing the old kid song “Old McDonald.” Well, at least he survived high school without a moo-moo here. And a moo-moo there. E-I-E-I-O!

He’s such a riot! We’ll bet this isn’t what Jacob’s mom had in mind. But we give him kudos for being the kind of son who’s so afraid of his mommy he’s willing to do whatever she asks of him. Good job, Jacob!

She’s aiming low right from the get-go with her quote. We sure hope she was kidding. We certainly wouldn’t want this possible future she envisioned for herself to come true. Also, she might want to consider lowering her computer screen’s brightness.

There aren’t a lot of people who would call themselves garbage, but Yunosuke decided if you can’t beat them, join them, which he did. But this quote mentions the story about the little garbage can that could, not couldn’t.

But how many seniors can say they have Kerry’s confidence? Some students spend all four years of high school trying to achieve perfection, but Kerry didn’t have to try at all because from her perspective she was already perfect.

After brainstorming for about two seconds, he probably decided to go on social media and pick the most random and mind-boggling quote Kim Kardashian has ever used. Maybe he should’ve hired someone to write a quote for him like most celebrities do.

His quote reads like he’s sucking up to his school, but if you read the first letter of the words, friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism, and unity, you’ll be able to read between the lines.

She could have simply explained that this was her people’s custom, but it was so much more fun scaring the living daylights out of her fellow students by claiming she’s the vessel of one of Harry Potter’s coolest villains.

Canning and Emory Bell’s Lil’ Jon was pure gold. Did these twins realize their quotes would someday become legendary? Alright, probably not because they stole them, but we give them points for efforts.

But judging from that adorable cheese-face smile of his in his yearbook photo, it’s obvious he had been waiting a long time to get back at everyone by mocking their ignorance. And we have to say, he handled it like a boss.

She also deserves an applause for not ending up a statistic. But since her classmates undoubtedly feared that she might have been pregnant, she decided to set the record straight and let everyone know she just carried lots of food babies throughout high school.

But this senior decided to get a little dirty with his quote. Do you get it? If you don’t, we won’t rip your innocence away. But if you do, then you know that Cameron had one heck of a dirty quote and a dirty mind.

So as a joke, Delilah decided to reference some of the song’s lyrics for her yearbook quote. And here you thought she was a total sweetheart, but there’s obviously a bit of a sarcastic rebel behind Delilah’s innocent look.

We totally get why Noah loves blowing bubbles. It’s so much fun. But Holy cow! That’s not what we meant. We had no idea that Mason was nicknamed Bubbles. Our bad! Actually, it’s theirs! Thanks for the laughs, Noah and Mason.

But if you’re going to use Spongebob quotes for your yearbook, it’s always better to have a co-conspirator. Obviously these two were on the same Spongebob wavelength since they came up with something oh-so creative.

Hehe… clever! Hogwarts obviously loves everyone, even students with a wicked sense of humor like Megan. She totally nailed Dobby’s quote from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” Well done!

Alice, Kim, Theresa and Vivian all share a last name, and everyone assumed they were related. But Nguyen is one of the most common last names in Vietnam, too. So, they found an awesome way to set the record straight. Great job, ladies!

Teachers and staff like school counselors can join in on the fun too. Just ask Jack, Joshua and Kimberly, who stood out by showing off how much of an aquatic experience high school can be for both the faculty and staff.