His Girlfriend Didn’t Want To Be On The Kiss Cam, Now Watch The Girl To His Left.

His Girlfriend Didn’t Want To Be On The Kiss Cam, Now Watch The Girl To His Left. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Sports fans come together for their favorite games, but there’s one thing that has the power to bring them together even further: The Kiss Cam. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically a roving cam that travels around the crowd and encourages people to lay a smooch on the person next to them. Sometimes, it goes really well and everyone cheers. Other times…well, other times, this happens. When one guy went to plant a smacker on his beloved, she reacted in the worst possible way. Things went from bad to just plain awkward when she let her displeasure be known via a series of theatrical reactions that, if they weren’t staged, would be totally embarrassing. The biggest surprise comes at the end, after the man has given up hope for reconciliation with his lady. As it turns out, when the Kiss Cam is around, there’s always someone else to make out with. See the photos and hilarious video below.This couple (the two on the left) were enjoying a basketball game, when all of a sudden the Kiss Cam zoomed in on them.

He went in for a kiss, but he didn’t expect what happened next.

She was obviously displeased with his attempt at PDA, and wasn’t afraid to let it show.

At this point, though, there was no turning the night around.

For starters, in addition to the smack across the face, she yelled at him.

She refused to accept his acts of contrition, no matter how hard he tried.

She even dumped his popcorn onto the floor.

At this point, we started to suspect that the whole thing had to be an act.

Well, if it were real, the dude obviously has his limits.

When the Kiss Cam came back around, he got an even better offer for a smooch from the lady next door.

We’re not sure what went down here, but the Kiss Cam doesn’t lie.

**Check out the whole thing caught on camera, below.**

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