His Wife Had A Miscarriage, 7 Months Later He Sees THIS On The Floor.

His Wife Had A Miscarriage, 7 Months Later He Sees THIS On The Floor. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are very few things in life that shock us. With the information overload we encounter everyday, it seems there are few surprises left in the world, particularly ones where they are life changing. That may explain why as a society we tend to be skeptical when we hear or read about amazing stories. One couple from Richmond, Virginia certainly got the surprise of a life time. Meredith and Brandon were still dealing with the pain of having had a miscarriage at six-weeks of gestation. As devastating as the news was, they had to move forward and continue living their lives. Little did they know their life was about to change for the better when the two were at home one day. This is one of those stories that appears to be more of an urban legend or a story from the internet where no one knows if it was ever true or not. Particularly because no one has ever come forward to claim the story is about their lives.Brandon was home that day when he heard Meredith screaming from their bedroom.

The couple had no idea Meredith was even pregnant since she had a miscarriage seven months prior. To add to the confusion, her water did not break and she never felt any symptoms or changes that would indicate she was pregnant.

Meredith and Brandon had no idea what they were supposed to do to deliver a baby.

All of a sudden to Brandon and Meredith’s surprise, she had delivered a baby in their room.

Brandon and Meredith prayed they would one day be blessed with a baby. They just had no idea it would happen without them knowing they were pregnant.

The placenta and umbilical cord were also still attached. This caused the new parents to panic as the oxygen to the baby would be cut off if the amniotic sac was not opened.

The operator told Brandon to unwrap the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck to allow it to breath properly.

When the paramedics arrived, the new mom and her newborn baby were taken on separate ambulances to the hospital to be checked.

->**Watch the dramatic re-enactment of the surprised delivery.**<-

Appropriately, her name is a variation of Eve. Her name means “life” in Hebrew.

Ava takes dancing lesson and loves going to the beach. Her parents got married with their baby girl present.

The family still cannot believe how their lives changed in an instant.

He also mentioned she likes gymnastics and is going into grade 1 in September.

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