Strange And Funny Coincidences In Human History

Strange And Funny Coincidences In Human History July 29, 2018

Life is full of uncanny coincidences. Sometimes you’ll end up at the same restaurant or event as someone you know. Other times you’ll come to work in a matching or similar outfit to one of your coworkers. These are all simple and common coincidences. However, have you ever heard of history coincidences? These scenarios evolve uncanny resemblances between two individuals who live decades and sometimes even centuries from each other. They evolve cartoon shows and/or video games foreshadowing the future. Although a lot of people like to believe that coincidences are solely just that — coincidences. But after reading about each scenario below, you might start to believe other wise.In 1990, a student named James Bond in the UK was randomly given a standardized test, where the reference number was 007. He must have felt awesome.

Even if you don’t believe in rebirth, you do have to admit, these two have a VERY uncanny resemblance. Could this soul have left and come back within the same year?

These two brothers coincidentally passed away in the same taxi car at the same age just one year a part from each other. Talk about eerie.

A church in Nebraska had exploded in 1950 on a day the choir was supposed to be there for practice. That day, not one of the fifteen choir people were there as they each were arriving late to practice that evening, each for their own reasons.

There’s been a weird pattern between the hosts and the winners of the T20 World Cup recently, specifically since 2009. England was the host in 2009 and won in 2010. West Indies was the host in 2010 and won in 2012. Sri Lanka was the host in 2012 and won in 2014. So does that mean Bangladesh, who hosted in 2014, will be the next winner?

A series called “Dennis the Menace” existed in both the United States and the UK, however they were two different shows each with different characters and created by different cartoonists. Yet, both comics’ main character was a little boy who was a wreck.

A pair of twins who were separated at birth from Ohio, not knowing the other existed. This is where it gets trippy. They were both named James by their adoption parents. They both became police officers. Both married a woman named Linda. They each named a dog “Toy.” One named his son James Alan while the other one named his son James Allan. And last but not least, they both got divorced and remarried a woman named Betty.

The narrative of Edgar Allen’s Poe only novel, Arthur Gordon Pym, is about an Antarctic voyage that didn’t end so well. In one of the scenes of the novel, four shipwrecked survivors end up on a raft and come to the conclusion of eating the cabin boy, Richard Parker, to survive. In 1884, Migononette, a real life ship, sank and left four survivors. These survivors, also decided to cannibalize the cabin boy to survive. Their cabin boy’s name was also Richard Parker.

Two women were mistakenly given the same social security number. They both were named Patricia, both born on March 13, 1941. They both had a dad named Robert Campbell. They both studied cosmetics and both worked as book-keepers. If I were the computer creating social security numbers, I’d be confused as well.

This is the case for taking your own advice. Daine du Toit, a South African astronomer, was lecturing at the age of 49 about how anyone could die at any given time. As he finished, he consumed a mint with a little too much vigour and ended up choking to death.

In 1895, the only two cars that existed in the state of Ohio crashed into each other. After that incident, there were no longer any cars in Ohio for a time.

These two actors appeared in movies that were titled each others names. Actor Rajikumar was in the movie “Sahih” and Sahih Kappor was in the movie “R. Rajkumar.”

Doesn’t Anne Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman, look awfully similar to William Shakespeare? We should note that William Shakespeare also had a wife named Anne Hathaway.

Did you know that there was an actual real life farmer named Mr. Mc Donald? His postal code just so happened to be EIEIO!

Deus Ex, a game that was created in 2000, had the entire skyline of New York City. One of the designers, however accidentally left out the Twin Towers. To cover up his mistake, the game made up something about there being a terrorist attack in the game. Was it a honest mistake?

Tom Sawyer was born in 1835 with Halley’s Comet and claimed he expected to go out with it as well. Tom passed away on April 20, 1910 just one day after Halley’s Comet has come as closest to the earth its ever been.

Two huge music influences in life, Jimi Hendrix and George Handel, would have been neighbors if it weren’t for the 200 year difference. They lives on 23 and 25 Brook Street in London.

Five months before 9/11 happened, the Johnny Bravo cartoon show aired a scene of a New York building on fire. Was this coincidental foreshadowing?

A license plate that predicted the future. The license plate numbers and letters of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car was “A III118.” The official end date of WWI as Armistice Day, 11/11/18.