William And Kate NEVER Hold Hands… The Reason Why Is WEIRD.

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Here's the Royal Family. They're a pretty fancy bunch, and William and Kate are probably the most visible public figures out of the group.

Prince William and his wife Kate are perfect representatives for the Royal Family. They're young, stylish, and willing to be in the spotlight, advocating for charitable causes and meeting with leaders from all over the world. They also have two adorable children, which doesn't hurt a bit. But despite their charmed lives, there's one thing you'll never see William and Kate do in public. It's a small detail, but once you realize what it is, you'll notice it in every single picture taken of them. Find out what's missing from their photographs (and why) below.
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Prince William, Kate, George, and Charlotte all seem pretty happy together.


But you'll notice that throughout all of their travels and events, there's one thing that these two never do.

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And it's not as if they aren't given the opportunity, either.

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Can you figure it out?

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Despite always being together, these two never hold hands.

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As it turns out, there's a reason for that.

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And it's not because they're secretly unhappy, either.

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In fact, the pair are reportedly extremely happy in their marriage and family life.

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But when you see William and Kate out like this, it's not because they're on vacation.

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In fact, if they were on vacation, situations like these would never be photographed.

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No, when they're photographed out and about, they are on official business.

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And because these outings are a part of their professional life, they can't get too personal.

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Thus, the two are never holding hands.

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Think of it like PDA in the workplace: If you worked with your significant other, you wouldn't hold hands with them at the office.

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This doesn't mean that they're not enjoying themselves, though.

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In fact, these two always seem to be having a blast, regardless of whether it's business or pleasure.

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And they manage to maintain royal decorum while doing so.

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Even if there's no hand-holding involved.

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What do you think? Is William and Kate's lack of hand-holding strange or appropriately professional?

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