Holographic Hair Is This Summer’s Hottest New Trend.

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In recent years, we've started noticing that art has moved onto a new and unexpected canvas: hair. And it's been quite exciting.

The hair trends are always changing for the best. The least expected hair styles become popular and it just keeps getting more creative every year. We've seen so many different hair cuts and hair colors throughout previous years so it's only right that the newer styles that come out are super innovative. Who would have ever thought that a person could achieve holographic hues in their hair? Yes, that's right, holographic. And it looks stunning! Find out more about the newest hair trend below.
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People have always loved to play with color on their hair -- so far we've seen gradient blends, rainbow manes, mermaid hair, granny hair, and others. But there's a new trend in town that we can't get enough of.

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For 2017, one of the latest and most creative hair trends is holographic hues and it is exactly what it sounds like.

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The holographic effect is composed of multidimensional metallic or pastel hues. On the person wearing the holographic hair, the strands appear color-shifting and opalescent.

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With the unconventional coloring, the women start off with a blonde base. They have different strands dyed with various metallic and pastel tones.

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When the entire process is done, the end result creates an iridescent effect. Whenever the hair is motion, it'll show subtle variations in tones such as lavender, mint green, cerulean, and so on.

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Here's what holographic hair looks like when it's wet.

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In order to accomplish this holographic hair look, hair colorists have been using a technique called hand-pressed coloring.

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Redken colorist Chiala Marvici is the creator of this method. She explained in an interview that the process is very similar to screen printing.

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She starts off with painting different patterns and shapes like circles, swirls, and diagonals. She paints the designs with various colors on a small sheet of hard plexiglass.

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After she's done with that, she then lays the glass of plexiglass over a section of hair and has the painting transfer to it.

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To make sure that the colors reach the top of the hair, she uses a putty knife to squeegee the selection of strands.

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Then, it's simply a repeat of all the previous steps until she's reached her desired result.

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There are other color applications such as foil and balayage, but this particular technique is a lot faster and more popular as it gives the stylist a greater control over the overall vibrancy of the hair.

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As of now, only a handful of stylists have learned the technique from Marvici. Nonetheless, it is very likely that this technique will take off quickly.

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However, it is very important that clients are aware that in order for the rainbow shades to look holographic, the starting base must be a light color.

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The light color either has to be blonde or grey -- the lighter, the better. So the client must keep that in mind when considering this look and heading over to the salon.

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But if you're willing to go through that entire process (multiple sessions to get the hair to a lighter stage and then proceeding with the holographic color process), the result will be worth it.

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The hair literally looks like it's been sprinkled with pixie dust. It's subtle but it's a stunner. Are you going to try this trend?

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