The Incredible Transformations Of The Home Alone Cast.

The Incredible Transformations Of The Home Alone Cast. December 24, 2017

Home Alone Part 1 was released in 1990 based on a comedy novel for children. The movie was a big hit due to its smart plot, amazing acting by the actors and the comedy. Most of us right now don’t even realize how long ago this movie was released. It was such a hit that even know people know about the movie and have watched it. The movie is loved by people of all ages. Take a look at the cast of home alone, and how they have transformed after 25 years.The lead character was played by Macaulay Culkin. He was the boy who ended up in the house all alone while his family went for a vacation.

The cute kid from Home Alone did not exactly turn out as we supposed. He went through some bad phases and gave up acting at the age of 14.

The role of worried and loving mother was played by Catherine O’Hara in the movie series.

Catherine has had an active career in acting and is known for many other roles now.

Peter McCallister was the role of father of Kevin. Now he seldom appears on the screen but is still known for his role in the movie.

The dumb and our favorite burglar Marv, has grown old. He still has a career in acting.

Joe Pesci played the role of the smarter burglar who plans to get Kevin.

Joe Pesci is known for his acting skills; he is an Oscar winning actor and has a bright name in the industry.

Joe Pesci now choses very limited movies to act in. He is known for his role in GoodFella’s.

The bully brother who always picked up on the little Kevin has been acting in a few series like supernatural.

Fuller was the kid who was always having soda and could wet the bed. He is now known for his role in the Tv series Fargo.

Uncle Frank wasn’t a big fan of Kevin or McCallistor family. The actor is not seen on the screen that frequently.

Michael played the role of the bully cousin of Kevin. He is now an electrician in the industry.

Concierge appeared in Home Alone part 2 and his character was enjoyed by everyone.

Shovely Joe’s character wasn’t really clear until the very end. Robert died in 2011 at the age of 87.

Brenda played the role of the mysterious pigeon lady in Home Alone 2.

Brenda Fricker is a talented actress well respected in the industry. She is also is an Oscar winning actress.

Recently, the actress appeared in Cloudburst.

Tracy was Kevin’s sassy sister who now stars in MTV’s Faking It.

Linnie was the mean little Kevin’s cousin who too played her role in making Kevin hate his family.

Angela played the role of Linnie inn Home Alone and later appeared in many movies but mostly tv series.

The family reported to Officer Balzak after they realized that Kevin was missing in the movie.

Larry Hankins played the role of the officer who is known for his role in some movies and Tv serials.

Gus Polinski was the man who offered Kate help by getting her home to Kevin early.

John Candy played the role of Gus in the movie but the actor died quite early in 1994.

Aunt Leslie was the wife of uncle Frank in the movies who travelled with the McCallister family.

Terrie Snell played the role of Aunt Leslie but doesn’t appear on the screen a lot. She had side roles in some movies but she mostly works as a manager.

Heather was probably the only mature cousin among the others.

Kristen was Heather in the Home alone movies. Now she still acts as an actress though hasn’t had her big break after the movies.

Did the home alone cast made you feel old? Well, it was supposed to; it has been almost 25 years since it released.