Homeless Cat Walks Up To A Cop, The Reason Why Went VIRAL Overnight.

Homeless Cat Walks Up To A Cop, The Reason Why Went VIRAL Overnight. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Humans have used animals to work alongside them for centuries. Whether it’s a mule carrying heavy loads, horses used as transportation, pigeons carrying military messages during WWI and WWII, or canines working in law enforcement, and search and rescue. Folks have been able to tap into an animal’s skill and exploit it. Cats on the other hand may not be the most reliable employees from the animal kingdom. Aside from refusing to take commands from anyone, they love to lounge around too much to ever do any hard labour. Cats love nothing more than take naps throughout the day. Still, a police station in South Korea is willing to give this fur ball species a chance at doing decent work for the common good. Cats may not be the most fierce and strong animal but their cuteness factor is intimidating enough to take down hard-core criminals.Her name is Molang and she has yet to make any arrests but that is not stopping the force from keeping her on.

She also happens to live at the station.

Molang has become the mascot at the station. When the officers fell in love with Molang they had no idea she was not alone.

By the time the officers realized their cat was pregnant they had already fallen in love with her. They decided to let her have her kittens at the station.

Molang gave birth to two male and two female kitties. It wasn’t long before she was showing her offsprings the ropes of the job.

The station proudly shares Molang’s life on Facebook. She was gifted a police uniform made to her exact measurements. She seems to be moving up the ranks.

The tiny kittens are the new hires in the department.

They may not seem very menacing but the cat squad is ready for the call of duty.

The police station has no plan of relocating the cats. They have become more than just mascots, they are family.

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