Homeless Man Has 2 Months To Live, So He’s Making This Plea For His Dog.

Homeless Man Has 2 Months To Live, So He’s Making This Plea For His Dog. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Imagine being at a stage in your life where there are far more days behind than there are ahead. To make things worse you have no home to go to or a family to keep you warm, safe, loved, and fed. Well this is the story of a man named Clifford James Herbert. Now life was already kicking him in the guts. Fortunately, he had man’s best friend as his very own companion. But there was something extremely tragic about the direction his life was going, or rather, what little time he had in this world, but he wasn’t so much worried about himself. He was worried about his pooch and that’s when an angel came to his rescue.Jenine-Lacette took a closer look and noticed that the man was cradling a small white dog in his arms and it broke her heart.

She found a blanket, some cat food and a roll of toilet paper, which she gladly walked over to where they were sitting.

He said his name was Clifford James Herbert and he was 60 years old, and this was his dog, which he named Baby. Then he confessed something to her that nearly broke her heart.

He lost his job in 2006 after developing complications from a heart surgery and tracheotomy, which left him disabled.

The now homeless man was terminally ill with cancer which had spread to his brain, and his only concern now was for his adorable dog, whom he wanted to find a home for.

She also began looking for a potential new owner for the beloved dog. Meanwhile, Jenine-Lacette was able to accommodate Cliff in a motel where it was nice and warm and he could play his guitar and spend the rest of his days in peace. Baby was eventually adopted by a woman named Stephanie Walker and her family. Although Cliff’s time on this Earth grows short, he’s happy to know that Baby will be well looked after.

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