Wealthy Residents Of San Francisco Raise Money To Fight The Construction Of Homeless Navigation Center.

Wealthy Residents Of San Francisco Raise Money To Fight The Construction Of Homeless Navigation Center. March 29, 2021

In an effort to fight a proposed center for the homeless, the wealthy residents in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district started a crowdsourcing campaign, where they raised $60,000 to challenge the proposed center.

On March 20, the money-raising campaign, which is called “Safe Embarcadero for All,” was started after Mayor London Breed of San Francisco made a proposal to turn one of the city’s most sought after locations, the Embarcadero, into a 200-bed homeless Navigation Center.

“The planned location for Mayor Breed’s #megashelter is home to thousands of families, visited by millions of tourists and at the center of some of San Francisco’s most iconic events – including the San Francisco Marathon, San Francisco Giants stadium and on one of the busiest bicyclist paths in the city,” reads the site made by the group “Safe Embarcadero for All.”

The campaign has already raised $60,000 of the $100,000 needed. With the money they raise, the campaign will be able to hire lawyer Andrew Zacks to help the disgruntled residents who are fighting against the proposed homeless shelter.

Over 130 people have donated money to stop the construction, even though most of them did so anonymously. In fact, the biggest donation of $10,000 was received by an anonymous donor.

When Fox News reviewed the records of those who donated to the GoFundMe page, which include professors, authors, and bank executives, they found that many of those people have also donated money to certain Democratic political groups, such as MoveOn, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, as well as other left-leaning groups.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, one of the $1,000 donors, Jerome Dodson, is apparently a chairman of a “responsible investment fund” that strives to make “a positive impact on society.” Dodson donated to several Democratic candidates and groups, including Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

A separate GoFundMe was created out of support for the project in the city, which led GoFundMe to make a $5,000 donation to the cause. So far, the GoFundMe for the homeless project has raised over $33,000, exceeding their set goal of $30,000.

According to a statement made to the San Francisco Chronicle, the mayor of San Francisco has bashed the group that is fighting against the construction.“People want us to address the challenges on our streets and help our unsheltered residents into housing, and I am committed to doing the hard work to make that happen,” Breed said.

“But it’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing that as soon as we put forward a solution to build a new shelter, people begin to threaten legal action,” continued Mayor Breed.