20 Christmas Decorations From Hospital Staff With A Twisted Sense Of Humor.

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Five tiny Santas, all in a row.

Hospitals are always difficult places to be (if you're there, it means something isn't going well). Around the holidays, being in the hospital can get exponentially worse: No one wants to spend their Christmas morning in a hospital bed, but unfortunately, sometimes it can't be avoided. That's why we're glad that some hospitals have awesome staff members like these: They make the hospital a charming, festive place to be, even with limited resources. The hospital employees below definitely know how to bring the Christmas cheer, and you'll be totally surprised at how many uses they find for latex gloves and bedpans.

Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

A fantastic use of hospital gloves.

Priscilla Boix

The most festive lifeline we've ever seen.


The most charming blood bags in town.


A Christmas wreath for all your diseases and afflictions.


This actually looks pretty cool.


It's awesome that they got the gloves in green.


Made with many hands, by many hands.

Nurse Tammy

Merry Double Helix to you.


The only tree you absolutely should dismantle.

Debbie Archer

Someone had the right idea, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

Dawn Waugh

On this one, you can hardly tell what it's made of.

Clairy Lou Lou

This is actually really charming.

Nicki Close-Lawrence

An inventive use of hospital equipment to bring festive cheer.

Marguerite Schmidt

This is one way to decorate a tree.

Dolly Mix

Who knew hospital gloves had so many uses?

Helen Wood

Somehow, this tree is very magnificent.

Cristina Csoric

A tree of a different color.


Someone worked really hard on this masterpiece.


And finally, when in doubt (and when your hospital doesn't have the budget for decorations) construct a wreath from urine jars.