Little Girl Went To ‘Princess Day’ Dressed As A Hot Dog… And We Love Her For It.

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Most of the girls in class at the Holly Springs School of Dance Came to Princess Day dressed in their sparkliest, most glamorous dresses. But you'll notice that one of these costumes is not like the other.

It's hard to set yourself apart in this world, and that's especially true for little girls and young women. Societal and social pressures dictate how girls should look, act, talk, and communicate -- and sadly, many girls feel pressured to fall in line with their friends, simply so they don't get made fun of. It's hard for girls (and women, for that matter) to express themselves in the world we live in. But one six-year-old girl dared to be different. She dared to be herself. She dared to be bold and wonderful. That's right: In a world full of princesses, she dared to be a hot dog. In the story below, we meet an inspiring little girl named Ainsley, who is very young but already hellbent on pushing the boundaries of the status quo. Frankly, this might be the most inspiring thing you'll see all week, and especially because she's almost too young to realize it. See Ainsley's story -- and her amazing hot dog costume -- below.

That's right: 6-year-old Ainsley Turner showed up in a hot dog costume, earning her the esteemed title of "Hot Dog Princess."

Jillian Ackerman

“That’s my favorite of all the dress-up costumes,” said Ainsley when she was asked why she wore the outfit. Hey, it's a good enough reason for us.


Now, little Ainsley is becoming the face of girlhood creativity, independence, and marching to the beat of your own damn drum.

In fact, her hot dog get-up has been featured on “Today,” NPR, Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed, to name just a few . And the best part? The Hot Dog Princess got to take a ride in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, otherwise known as her royal carriage.