Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave Where Literally Everything Is Melting.

Pictures From Arizona’s Heatwave Where Literally Everything Is Melting. June 26, 2019

Blame it on global warming for causing extreme climate changes or just the hot, airy desert type environment of Arizona, but if you’re living or visiting Phoenix, prepare yourself, because it’s going to get hotter than hell this summer. Most people complain that their city or State gets extremely hot, but with the help of your A/C, you can pretty much survive those horrible sweltering months. But what would happen if the temperatures became so extreme that it put your life at risk? That’s exactly what the people living in Phoenix have to deal every day during the summer and it makes life impossible.The temperatures here can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s insane! We know that Arizona’s summer heat is famous, but this seasonal menace continues to get worse.

The city is on track to topping temperatures of 120 degrees or worse, especially with concrete and asphalt loading on the temperature increase every decade.

Steps to plant more trees has been one method to cool Phoenix down as well as incorporating cool-roof technology to reverse or reduce the amount of urban heating.

The high temperatures are preventing airplanes from taking off, causing severe delays or cancellations.

The high temperatures are causing signs to melt like a wax statue caught in the middle of a horrid fire.

Imagine a summer so extreme that it can melt the metal casing in traffic lights, essentially blinding the red, yellow, and green lights. Traffic must be a mess in this area.

We certainly wouldn’t want to be a trash collector in Arizona or the homeowners who will undoubtedly have to pick up all the trash that’s fallen from the melted garbage container.

Pets, stray or otherwise, are struggling to get through this summer season, and people are doing their best to help, and they’ll try anything to keep these adorable creatures from dying.

So dogs and other pets have to wear insulated booties like these to keep their paws from burning like nuggets inside the oven.

The heat is literally melting the paint from the metal signs. Even if city officials sent a crew to repaint the signs it wouldn’t do any good because the words would just melt again.

It must have looked pretty impressive in the winter, but now it seems more like the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy through a bucket of water at her.

Those cars had an exterior made of metal, but modern cars like this one has so much plastic that you’ll literally see the money you invested melt away.

Fortunately, fire crews have been able to handle the surge of heat emergencies, but it’s certainly a difficult task to handle. After all, how many firefighters are actually available to handle such a crisis?

In fact, it’s sort of become a fact of life for people in this state, so for them it’s like a typical summer. But they’ll admit, that the worst part about the extreme heat is that it causes the air to stink, undoubtedly, from all the things that it causes to melt.

Well, no problem, because in Phoenix you could practically use your dashboard to make cookies while heading to school to pick up the kids.

Some just don’t blame the heat on the environment, but on all the buildings that are being built. But regardless of what’s responsible for the heat wave, people are struggling some days more than others.

Phoenix now endures 110 days over 100 degrees, forcing people like this little girl, who aren’t fortunate enough to own an A/C to park their faces against a fan and hope the power doesn’t go out.

Even prisons have to move their inmates to the courtyards to live under tents until the heat wave subsides.

131 degrees Fahrenheit is as much as humans can tolerate. By 140 degrees, people start dying within 10 minutes. If the temperature hits 158 degrees it will likely kill you almost instantly.

Even then, there are no guarantees because tires in this heat tend to start melting like flesh in a crematorium.

This dog knows how to handle the heat in Arizona! He’s so cool! But we wonder how long those ice cubes will stay solid in this heat?

Otherwise you can trying to wear oven mitts to touch the steering wheel. Unless, of course, you relish the idea of having the palms of your hands cooking like rotisserie chicken.

It’s perfect for when you’re on the go! Cook some pancakes on the dashboard and by the time you park in the parking garage at work, you’ll have breakfast nice and ready.

But even plant life like this one has limits. Just look at this droopy thing. It looks so miserable. It simply can’t hold off against the heat and is now starting to droop like a popsicle.

Talk about hot mail! The heat got so bad that this mailbox fell over on itself when the post began to melt due to the extreme heat. It takes looking at something like this to make you realize how amped up the public health risk is this summer.