Matilda The Cat Retires After 7 Years Of Working As Hotel Director Of Guest Relations.

Matilda The Cat Retires After 7 Years Of Working As Hotel Director Of Guest Relations. August 3, 2019

Good employees are so difficult to find these days, especially when you’re trying to keep a hotel from tanking in this economy. But maybe you’ve been hiring the wrong people to work for you. No, no… let’s rephrase that. Maybe you’ve been hiring the wrong species. So would you consider hiring a cat to do pretty much everything you needed? One New York City hotel did and it’s been working out great.For years, this adorable cat has been working at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City as the director of guest relations and has been doing a claw-some job.

Now that’s the kind of dedication some humans should really mimic, but sadly, nothing lasts forever, and she is going to retire, but she isn’t just going to abandon the hotel.

Ironically, cats have been a part of the Algonquin Hotel for nearly 90 years. It all started back in the 1930s, when a stray cat wandered into the hotel, and it’s been happening ever since.

This latest feline employee is named Matilda III, and she found in a box outside of the North Shore Animal League, a group who dedicates themselves to rescuing strays in Port Washington, NY.

She also does it with a smile, most of the time, because there’s no place at the front desk for employees who have a bad cat-titude.

Of course, most of those copies are of herself, and she probably does it to stay warm when the machine turns on. She’s just one adorable little rascal that nobody can deny.

She was such a dedicated worker that the hotel had no choice but give her some business cards and the title of directFURR of Guest Relations at the Algonquin Hotel.

She loves greeting guests and as a reward for being such a welcoming hotel employee, she takes payments in hugs and petting, though she wouldn’t mind a treat now and then.

Thought you could skip it out on paying, or leave your room all trashed? Paw-lease! Matilda has your number, and you’ll have her to deal with. She doesn’t like declined cards either.

But there’s nothing in Matilda’s contract that said you can’t take a ten-minute power catnap, especially if you’re working all day on Caturday.

While you’re pro-cat-stinating your day at the front desk, she’s busy making sure you look good by getting those forms you need from way up high.

But she’s so purr-fect that she probably doesn’t need them to get the work done. Just in case, she’s happy to answer any of her supervisor’s questions with purrs.

She probably goes to the back alleys after she’s off duty and tells all her friends what her human employees have been doing behind closed doors.

Then again, she is 11 years old, which in cat years, is like mid 70s, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she’s ready to retire from the hectic life at the Algonquin Hotel.

Meanwhile, her successor, a ginger cat named Hamlet has already been welcomed into the hotel to take her place. But no one can ever truly replace Matilda. You can bet your fur on it.