The World’s Most Extraordinary Hotel Bathrooms.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Hotel Bathrooms. December 25, 2021

Usually, we tend to think of all of the amenities that a hotel has to offer, and that includes the overall look of a room. But rarely do we pay that much attention to hotel bathrooms. Don’t get us wrong. A nice bathtub, luxurious sinks, and a toilet that’s got plenty of leg space is something we look at too. But it’s certainly not the first thing we think about. However, these bathrooms from around the world are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. In fact, they are visually so spectacular you’ll probably want to book a room with a bathroom that will guarantee a lot more than simply getting you washed up.Whether you loved the disco theme of the 70s or you have a thing rock star-themed rooms, you’ll definitely want to stay in the Nirvana Suite. Not only do you get a mirror-tiled jacuzzi in the bedroom itself, but a disco ball and psychedelic lighting that will put you in the disco mood!

It’s unlike any other place on the planet with its cave-style rooms in a 260-acre resort. You’ll feel like screaming “yabba dabba doo!” It’s the perfect marriage of stone versus contemporary amenities, and it overlooks the valley, so you can enjoy the beautiful view once you’re done sitting on the pot.

The corner shower has glass panels from the floor all the way to the ceiling and is quite an interesting take when bathing, especially since it overlooks the big blue sea. This means you can bathe and sightsee at the same time.

The two-bedroom suite also offers a corner a bathroom with a view through the glass panels, and you get to enjoy other amenities aboard like a walk-in robe, a plush robe, and a whirlpool that you can use on the balcony too.

It contains two suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and are located underwater. The glass panels in the bedroom and bathroom give you the illusion that you’re under the sea, but you’re actually enjoying the 65,000 marine animals inside the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium.

The bathroom area is decorated with paneled ceilings and genuine frescoes as well as a walk-in shower, and a marble-encrusted tub. You’ll also get a view of the park and gardens outside. You’ll certainly feel like a Florentine noble, which this private residence once belonged to.

The bath tubs are made using a combination of antique furniture pieces and marble, which will make you feel like freaking royalty. Of course, there are different styles of rooms and interior in this 24-bedroom Georgian townhouse, but all the rooms are quite comfy and eccentric.

Not only do you get 1,516 square feet of comfort which include a living room, and kitchen pantry. But you also get to soak in a humongous square tub that allows you look out towards the city from the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower by the Imperial Gardens.

The bathroom is spacious and offers a lovely view of the city, not to mention a chandelier, and mirrored ceilings as you chillax in a metal whirlpool! You can also recline on a large couch after you soak in the tub, or after you finish taking a nice bath in the monsoon rain shower.

You’ll swear that you stepped into a palace when you look at the lavishly appointed master bathrooms with rain showers, Jacuzzis, and marble pillars. You also get Hermes shampoo, shower gels, and when you get out, you can enjoy a view of the Arabian Gulf from the comfort of your bedroom.

The cottages are literally sculpted into a hill! And while orphaned lions were once raised and released on the grounds nearby, you get to enjoy a rocky cottage with an open sitting room, and a tub that lets you sit, bask in the open air while you watch the sunset.

It’s designed with interesting murals, chrome torches, fake leopard-skin sofas and other items that make this suite stunning. The Maharani Suite is the epitome of luxury, but the royal suite also has a 447-square-foot bathroom with a jacuzzi, steam room, and a bath carved out of pink Italian marble.

Aside from a spacious bedroom, which includes a walk-in closet, and a bathroom that opens to the outer deck, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean that will take your breath away. The outdoor deck also includes a plunge pool, sun umbrella, and loungers.

The hotel’s Royal Monceau Suite contains artwork, impressive furniture, and a 320-square-foot restroom with a walk-in shower. You also get a Japanese “Toto” heated toilet seat, lots of mirrors so you can see every angle of yourself, and a claw-footed bath, which has impressed celebrity guests like Madonna.