Homeowners Surprised To Find Out Their New Home Came With A Long-Time Tenant.

Homeowners Surprised To Find Out Their New Home Came With A Long-Time Tenant. August 27, 2020

It was a very exciting time for Miranda E., and her family. They had just moved into a new home, and were looking forward to this fresh start. Now, most previous owners leave something behind. It could be an old butter knife, or a tool. But rarely do they forget to take one of their own with them. But as soon as Miranda walked into her new place, she realized that the house was already occupied by someone who preferred to walk on four legs, purred a lot, and did plenty of meowing. But the most shocking thing of all was that this old tenant expected to have the same arrangement with Miranda that it had with the previous family.The letter was written by the previous owners, and they had a very special request to make of the new family. They asked Miranda to look after a feral cat who frequented their backyard when they were still living there.

They already had five cats, four of which had been rescued pets. Miranda also recalled how people would often leave the cats they didn’t want with her family and they simply couldn’t say no. But no one really knew if this feral kitty would become a new addition to the family nest.

Honoring the previous owner’s request wasn’t a problem for them. However, forming a bond with a new cat can take some time, and it became obvious that winning this cat over was going to take a little more time.

All they had to do was look out towards the sliding glass door and there he was staring back at them. It seemed to her as though the cat had anticipated the arrival of the new family, who happen to be cat lovers too.

Whenever Miranda left him a bowl of water and food, Raz would gladly accept her generosity. But whenever anyone would try to get close enough to pet him, Raz would simply scamper off to the backyard.

At first, he ran when the family was near. But now he’ll stick around when the family is sitting outside, especially if there’s food. It seems as though Raz has come to terms with the fact that Miranda and her family are cat friendly folks.

Whenever he’s hungry, he’ll walk over to the door and meow in order to get someone’s attention. This is his way of letting them know that he’s hungry and wants food. But Miranda is willing and able to give Raz something that the previous owners might not have been able to; medical attention.

It seems that one of Raz’s paws is injured, and Miranda wants that looked at. And in the long run, she hopes that Raz will feel comfortable enough to join her family full-time. While Miranda wasn’t expecting to own another cat, she’s more than happy to accept the challenge when Raz is ready.