20 DIY Houseplant Ideas That ANYONE Can Do… My Family Would Love #13.

20 DIY Houseplant Ideas That ANYONE Can Do… My Family Would Love #13. April 24, 2017

The weather is rapidly getting warmer, which means that all of us are facing the growing urge to fill our entire living spaces with greenery. Whether you’re into florals, leafy greens, or succulents, we’ve got a list of clever DIY hacks that will have your home looking like charming greenhouse in no time. **You’re going to love the info in #12.**Avocadoes are the gifts that keep on giving. After you’re finished eating it, clean off the pit, stick toothpicks in it and balance it over a cup of water so the pit is halfway submerged. In about 3-6 weeks, it will sprout!

These particular plants help clean the air in your home.

This is a cool-looking alternative to the average opaque pot.

Wine bottles make great self-watering planters for small plants that need to be indoors during winter months. They look pretty cool on your shelf, too.

Because fresh basil and rosemary just tastes better.

Get creative with these air plants, which make a perfect green companion for those with small living spaces.

Grinds work as an excellent composting agent, and will provide your plants with the rich soil that they need to grow.

This idea is great for blank walls in small spaces. Just make sure the wall gets a lot of light.

This will prevent water from dripping out the bottom of the planter and destroying surfaces.

If you’re searching for an elegant way to decorate your windowsill, you can’t go wrong with a terrarium.

Learn which plants thrive the most in a terrarium before you start planting.

Many people don’t realize that if you live in the right conditions, you can actually grow a pineapple by planting and rooting the crown of an old one.

Because just because something is broken doesn’t mean you can’t use it anymore.

Cats will do just about anything to nibble on your beloved houseplants. This DIY spray will keep them away from your plants and focused on harassing the dog.

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to repot your houseplants to give them more room to thrive.

Succulents require a few different tactics than repotting the average houseplant. Check out the DIY below to find out how.

You can sprout tulip bulbs in a vase if you line it with glass beads to control the water temperature, and fill the vase with a bit of water. Be patient – it takes tulips quite a while to sprout!

Incorporating eggshells into your plant soil works as a natural fertilizer.

These unusual garden alternatives look great, and they take up much less space than a normal indoor garden.