How A Tinder Date Selfie Had Police Looking For This Man Hours Later.

How A Tinder Date Selfie Had Police Looking For This Man Hours Later. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

->**It Starts Here**<- Dating in today’s world is getting scarier, and scarier each day. In order to make things easier on us, companies have been releasing dozens of dating apps, but despite asking for a valid name and phone number, this sometimes proves inefficient when you're about to meet a total stranger. Anyone could potentially sign in with a fake name, or lie about their intentions. A woman quickly realized that swiping on Tinder is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re going to get… or you're about to meet.

Tinder’s been the hottest dating app ever since launching in 2012. Ever since then, they’ve been responsible for thousands and thousands of random hookups, awkward dates, and rock-solid new relationships. Despite many claiming to use the app for one night stands, others have been able to find true love, but that isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, particularly for one girl who was born in the Philippines.

Warriena Wright was born in the Philippines to Warren Wright and Merzabeth Tagpuno. The young girl kept busy by working at a call center in Wellington, New Zealand, but she also liked to socialize, play video games, watch anime, and hang out with her friends. She’d dated her personal trainer for the longest time, but as time went on, she distanced herself from him after a major incident took place.

The two lovebirds officially split up, but Warriena didn’t plan on grieving the loss of that relationship for too long, so she quickly took to Tinder to meet someone new and exciting. She found a new local guy in her area, and the two started dating pretty fast. But after a while, one of their arguments escalated quickly, right before Warriena was supposed to head off to Australia to be in a friend’s wedding.

Warriena didn’t really waste much time dwelling on another relationship that went sour, so she went back to Tinder to find another replacement, only this time, she wanted nothing more than a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. All Warriena wanted was a hot date who wasn’t looking to commit, one last fun fling before she had to head back home.

The wedding went down beautifully, and while everyone celebrated Warriena’s friends tying the knot, she received a steamy notification on Tinder that she simply couldn’t resist. Gable Tostee, a resident in the Gold Coast, was looking forward to meeting the brunette beauty. He sent her a message saying, “You look delicious. I want to do dirty things to you.” Despite the message being extremely raunchy, and perhaps, a tad too intense, Warriena became quickly intrigued.

She messaged him back, and in a way, became mystified by Gable’s approach. She found his confidence to be extremely attractive, as both her exes didn’t really carry themselves in such a way. They kept messaging back and forth for hours, until they decided to meet up face to face. Gable set up an encounter at the Cavill Mall in Surfers Paradise. Their sexual chemistry became evident fast, but their story didn’t unfold as one would imagine.

The two finally saw each other in person, and quickly realized they were as attracted to one another, as they were through the dating app. For safety reasons, it’s suggested that when planning on meeting a total stranger, you should arrange a meeting in a public area. But Gable had a different way to make sure he was safe.

Gable had been on his fair share of disastrous Tinder dates in the past, which, according to him, caused him to record his dates. Supposedly, (and yes, this is completely insane) he wanted to record his dates as a way to keep evidence in case someone would start legal action against him. After their initial meet up, the two decided to take it to a more private setting.

The two decided to head to Gable’s apartment, hoping to get to know each other better. But before heading to a more private space, they stopped at the local liquor store. Gable bought some Toohey’s Extra Dry to kick off the night. Warriena was looking forward to one last steamy encounter before heading back home, but she could’ve never imagined that things were about to come crumbling down.

After hanging out for a while, the two started snapping selfies together, and it seemed as if Warriena had finally left her past behind. Sadly, that night would be the last one for Warriena, who was found dead at the tender age of 26, after allegedly falling off 14 stories off of Gable’s balcony. But what happened inside that apartment? How did one healthy young female end up falling off a balcony in the middle of the night? And how did Gable react to her death? Well, not as you would expect.

Instead of panicking or having a moment of grief, Gable went to get pizza, and after finishing it, he went back to his apartment and finished the rest of the booze he’d purchased the night before. He was arrested on the charges of manslaughter and murder a week later, while he was visiting his parents. But Gable would quickly have to spend some time in the slammer on another charge.

Gable was found guilty of drunk driving, and was sentenced to spend 6 months in jail due to an incident that took place a few weeks before Warriena’s death. During this chaotic time, he was found to be well over four times the legal limit. As a convict, he was kept in a separate wing in order to protect him from other inmates who might want to get payback over Warriena’s death. Right after he was released, he had to face reality.

During his trial, the jury was able to hear a 139-minute long audio that painted Gable in a very bad light. He was heard saying, “You are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony,” during a heated argument with Warriena, right before there were some choking sounds on the tape. The grueling ordeal was recorded on the audio, including Gable calling his father for advice, and Warriena falling from the balcony. But the jury, along with anyone following the case, was about to send massive shockwaves.

Gable was shockingly found not guilty by a jury of his peers, which left everyone in disbelief. The Australian and New Zealand media couldn’t come to terms with the jury’s decision, but a huge chunk from Gable’s past was left out and the jury didn’t find out about his creepy interactions with women until the trial was over. He had almost been arrested several times due to his drunken ways, but thankfully, Gable isn’t running away, scot-free.

While Gable was able to make some easy money after appearing on an interview on 60 Minutes, he may have to head back to the courtroom again.Terry Ryan is a coroner who is based in Queensland, and has reportedly found new evidence in the case, which is obvious good news for Warriena’s family. Sadly, the discovery will take up to 6 months, but it could potentially mean that Gable will have to face his alleged crimes once and for all.

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