How Can You Tell If He Loves You? Watch For THIS When He Hugs You!

How Can You Tell If He Loves You? Watch For THIS When He Hugs You! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Who doesn’t love a good hug? We do this act all the time without realizing just how much an embrace really means. After all we hug everyone from our kids, parents, friends, and lovers. But just like a kiss is not just a kiss, a hug is not just a hug. Every cuddle and squeeze reveals a lot about the way you feel about that person. You may not even realize it until you read the ten types of holds. If you feel like you have been doing it wrong after reading this, it’s ok. Grab your loved one for a good, close tight embrace.Whether you are the one straddling while the other is standing or vice versa, this is always a good sign. This is an act full of lust and passion.

Putting your arms around your partner’s waist shows a sign of protection. You are confident you can give security and love at the same time.

Putting your hand in your lover’s pants is not part of showing too much PDA. It actually represents you are relaxed and comfortable with your other half.

Being able to look into each other’s eyes confirms the connection you both have. And if you are in an embrace while doing so, your souls are speaking to each other.

Sometimes we need a little reassurance that everything will be ok. Rubbing someone’s back while hugging them establishes the commitment of being there in the good and the bad times.

Putting your arm around each other’s shoulder confirms your strong friendship. This is not a romantic relationship but a sign of true friendship.

Giving a pat on the back is different than a rub. A pat is not about being intimate but rather confirming the friendship.

When you hug while maintaining a distance with your lower body means you are not feeling comfortable. Maybe you are having doubts about the person you are with or don’t know him well enough. Either way this is not an intimate act.

Moving to a slow dance while hugging feels like you are leaving the rest of the world out. Your dance partner makes you feel like you are truly connected and alive.

Coming to the realization you are truly in love can feel overwhelming. Hugging tightly can feel that is the only way of knowing this is real.

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