How The Elite Are Planning For Their Future (And You Can Too!)

How The Elite Are Planning For Their Future (And You Can Too!) March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Tomorrow founder, Dave Hanley, was deeply affected by the untimely death of his best friend. Ben passed away at just 33 years old, leaving behind a wife and two children. He was a responsible adult who did everything right in his life, but he neglected to plan for the future. Witnessing the suffering Ben’s family experienced as a result was the catalyst that drove Hanley to start Tomorrow. In life and in death, we have huge legal and financial responsibilities. Today, individuals and families are not prepared financially for the future. Each of us has seen a Go Fund Me campaign for someone just like us, who was doing all the right things but never got around to buying life insurance. So, let’s face it: You’re busy and planning for your future seems daunting, complicated and, honestly, a bit morbid – but it doesn’t have to be! Tomorrow seeks to simplify the process by providing a one-stop shop for buying life insurance and creating your will and trust. Best part? It’s free!

This statement is the foundation that Tomorrow was built on. And it’s true! You just never know – so now is the time to plan. Does it seem a little scary and time-consuming? Well, we have good news – it’s not.

The [Tomorrow](https://smart.link/5a020b9a3b3d6) app guides you through the creation of a will and trust, and purchasing life insurance using simple icons. No digging through internet searches, no legal jargon – just an easy-to-use platform that takes minutes.

All of the information you enter in this app is secure and editable. You can always go back and adjust things, free of charge! You have this resource at your fingertips, giving you power over your future. So let’s begin!

A trust outlines the legal and financial responsibilities to take care of your family in a single document. It’s so important! Even so, only 5% of Americans have one. Why? Because it’s a sensitive and seemingly complex subject. Tomorrow founder, Dave Hanley, realized that most people end up dodging this responsibility altogether so he set out to make the process simple.

In the Tomorrow app, a series of simple icons guides you through the creation of a trust. All of this is free and easy to document. You can even take pictures of your belongings! Within minutes, you’ll have a plan that safeguards the future of your family. It’s honestly that easy.

Millennials are the primary parents of young children. They need this document to plan for their children’s future, but crazy legal fees seem to always stand in the way. Well, it’s free in the [Tomorrow](https://smart.link/5a020b9a3b3d6) app – so why not do it now?

You can use Tomorrow to create a will that documents your wishes, and takes the needs of your family and the laws of your state into account. These wills are legally binding and perfect for 95% of the population. They are also super easy to update through the app – so you never have to deal with expensive lawyers. Everyone wins!

Life insurance ensures that your family is taken care of financially when you are gone, but buying insurance and dealing with brokers can be difficult and time-consuming. Let Tomorrow do the work for you!

It literally takes 3 minutes to buy life insurance within the app! Tomorrow takes all of the information that you shared, and actually recommends just the right amount of life insurance to ensure that your family is financially secure. Just answer a few health and lifestyle questions, and this app will auto-fill an application to your choice of insurance providers, saving you time and money.

The [Tomorrow App](https://smart.link/5a020b9a3b3d6) is free, transparent, and seamless. If you download the app and take 15 minutes right now, you can protect yourself and your family! Tomorrow is available for download in the app store. You have everything to lose, so start planning today!

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