How To Make The Perfect Chia Dog Costume For Halloween.

How To Make The Perfect Chia Dog Costume For Halloween. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You already know what to wear for Halloween, but have you given it much thought as to what your family’s most important member is going to wear? That’s right! We’re talking about your dog. It can’t go as “adorable,” as that would be way too redundant, as he’s adorable all year long. This year, try a hybrid Halloween costume that makes your pooch the star of the night. Let that furry little rascal stroll around town in a live eco-friendly Chia Pet costume. The best part of it all is… you can do it all by yourself!The Chia pet costume is adorable in many ways, but it’s also eco-friendly to make. It was the top finalist in Inhabitat’s 2016 Green Halloween Costume Contest and you can clearly see why.

The basis of this costume is organic felt. All you need is a cute little dog sweater. Plastic aquarium plants that you will later recycle next year, since plastic is so fantastic. Muslin. Orange felt fabric and a glue gun with sticks because no one has the time to actually sew by hand anymore.

This may sound stupid, but, you know. Make sure the dog’s not wearing it yet!

Try to make it as comfy as possible for him. If you want to, you can cut a horse blanket for the dog instead of getting a sweater. The easiest way is to measure the dog’s length and width, and cut a hole in the middle so it can fit its head.

Hand stitch some leaves to cover the sweater or felt so it cannot be seen. Now let’s go back to the legs. After you created individual muslin booties, you need to hold them in place. Add a strap you can sew on the inside of the booties that will act as pots, and connect them with the other booties. That way, the strap will act as a headband and they will not end up sliding as your puppy walks.

It would be way too ironic that the sweater you bought was store-bought, from a huge chain and right after the puppy wore it, you throw it in a box, never to see it again. Instead, recycle it, donate it, or put it to good use.

Get the kids involved! Have a Halloween costume DIY extravaganza, and have fun while your doggy’s the star of the evening. He’ll love it!

Just, you know, ask first! We’re not sure most garden owners would want to let you chop off their lovely plants just for a costume!

If there’s a Halloween costume contest, we’re pretty sure you’ll score some extra brownie points just for melting hearts.

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