Black Mother Is The First In The World To Give Birth To Two White Babies.

Black Mother Is The First In The World To Give Birth To Two White Babies. August 17, 2019

This world is a beautifully diverse place. People come in every size, shape, color, and it’s absolutely wonderful. When two people come together to make a child, they pass down their genes to determine the child’s personality, and ultimately, what the child will look like. There are some genes that are dominant, such as having brown eyes. And then there are genes that are recessive, like having blue eyes. Sometimes a crazy thing happens when a recessive trait will overpower a dominant one.They were blessed with the beautiful miracle of having a baby. When he was born, they were absolutely shocked.

Having one parent who was white, and one who was black, no one ever expected Jonah to be born looking the way he did. In fact, his parents were told he was one in a million.

Catherine and Richard couldnt believe what had happened! They truly believed the midwife had handed them the wrong baby.

He said it was extraordinary that they had given birth to Jonah, given Catherine’s Nigerian background. He told the parents that he highly doubted that it could ever happen again.

When they spoke to the geneticist, he said it was a million to one chance that they would have another baby with white skin. These people should definitely play the lottery after what happened next.

They gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, named Sophia. Sophia, defying all odds, was also born with white skin and blue eyes!

It appears that Catherine and Richard have made history. They’re the first mixed-race couple ever to have two white children.

Colleen Lynch, a molecular geneticist, also told the parents that, due to there being so many genes involved, it was a one in a million chance they had even one white baby. Those are some crazy odds to have happen twice!

“It is likely there is a a white gene somewhere in the woman’s remote ancestry and due to an evolutionary throwback – known as atavism – this trait has suddenly reappeared,” she told the parents. It’s crazy how genes work.

It just goes to show that no one ever knows exactly where they come from. You could spend your whole life thinking one thing about your ancestry, and then find out the complete opposite.

Jonah has attracted five different modeling agencies. That’s no surprise with those beautiful curls and bright blue eyes!

At just three weeks old, Sophia got her first modeling job. It appears that there are big things in the future for these two beautiful children.

They’re amazed at how the genes played out in these children. Professor Ian Jackson, from the University of Edinburgh, had some surprising news for the parents.

He thinks there’s a high chance that if they have another child, it could definitely happen again. “Once such a couple get together, the chances of any of their children having pale skin would be one in four or even one in two,” explained Jackson.

“Each time doctors and midwives have all commented on our babies’ amazing coloring. People often get confused when they meet me with the children for the first time,” Catherine said.

“You can see them doing a double take, wondering if I am their mum. I do get tired of being stopped in the street by people asking if I’m the nanny,” Catherine explained.

“People seem to find it hard to understand how I could give birth twice to white children.”

“While it is interesting how the genes have aligned themselves, it doesn’t matter to us what color our children’s skin is. We just feel incredibly lucky to have a beautiful son and daughter,” said Richard.

All they want are happy and healthy kids. And it looks like they got just that!