The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Dog With Human-Like Face.

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Dog With Human-Like Face. March 15, 2020

Some people say that a lot of pets tend to look like the humans that own them. It’s silly to think that an animal could look so much like a human, but when you look around, you can actually kind of see the resemblance. Recently, one dog received so much attention for his uncanny likeness to humans that he’s now an Internet sensation.Chantal has a Shih Tzu-poodle mix named Yogi. Yogi is like any other dog in so many ways, but there’s one thing that sets him apart.

It wasn’t long before her friends were messaging her saying that there was something a bit different about the way Yogi looks. Chantal, who is around her dog literally everyday, didn’t notice anything until they spoke up.

Chantal doesn’t know who he looks like, but she said, “I like the Nicolas Cage comment. And my friend Kristen said Sean Astin.”

They seem to have a good relationship, but Yogi better not get a big head from all of the attention. “She tolerates him. All he does is try to play with her and she doesn’t have it. [He’s a] very typical puppy,” said Chantal.

“He’s still a baby, so he’s just a crazy puppy. Everything is still new to him. He sometimes gets scared of little things he’s not used to … like a bag on the coffee table, he’ll bark at it,” explained Chantal.

“I’m kinda turning into Yogi’s manager,” said Chantal. Maybe there’s big things in store for this gorgeous pup, but when she was asked what Yogi was going to be when he grows up Chantal answered, “I think [he] would be a talk show host. Maybe like Dr. Phil. According to people, he has piercing eyes.”