25 Heartwarming Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

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Someone saw this homeless man reading the same book over and over, so that person bought him a Kindle.

There is a lot of negativity and hate circulating through the world today. Politics and civil unrest seem to get more tense and difficult to navigate with each passing moment, and it leaves us with one burning question: How and when will our faith in humanity be restored? Well, the 25 people are a start. Their acts of kindness and selfless generosity will remind you that despite it all, people have the capacity to be good to one another. Check out their stories below -- #24 is the sweetest thing you'll see all week.


This Wendy's employee took a store umbrella to protect this elderly man from the rain.


This man risked his own life to save a wallaby from drowning.

A rescue group called Spokanimal finds farm jobs for stray cats to help them escape euthanasia.


An elderly man had a heart attack while shoveling his driveway. After paramedics took him to the hospital, the returned and finished shoveling for him.


Jacqueline Kiplimo helped a disabled runner finish a race, causing her to lose her first place spot.

This community set up a wall of donated clothes for homeless people to take.

These Christmas elves surprised the homeless with food and presents.

Roman Antwood

This man's wheelchair broke at Lowe's, and the employees stopped everything to fix it for him.


Myles Kerr finished a race last to stay with a little boy who got separated from his group.


These Norwegian guys rescued a baby lamb drowning in the ocean.


Each night, this man takes his sick dog swimming because the water soothes his pain.

Stonehouse Hudson

When no kids showed up for this autistic boy's birthday, the local firefighters celebrated with him instead.

John Buratti

This cyclist stopped on the road to give an overheated koala some water.


This dry cleaner offers free services for unemployed people.


Workers at a Memphis cleaning company dressed up as superheroes to clean the windows at a children's hospital.

AP Press

An 82-year-old man burned his face while saving his dogs from an animal shelter in flames.

Kevin Pieper

This man used his umbrella to save a drowning kitten.


This little girl sold her stuffed animal to donate the money to a local animal shelter.


This Norwegian dove into a frozen lake to save a drowning duck.

Lars Jørun Langøien

Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson gave 11 kids in CPS 80 seconds to get whatever they wanted at Toys R Us. This is what the receipt looked like.


A community built special swings for children in wheelchairs.


A Japanese woman got trapped in a gap in the train, so these passengers all helped push the train from the platform.


This grandmother was embarrassed to wear her nightgown home from the hospital, so her grandson wore one as well.


And finally, this man gave his two extra tickets to the Spain-Holland soccer match to a boy on the street.