Eye-Opening Photos That Show The Real Impact Of Humans On Earth.

Eye-Opening Photos That Show The Real Impact Of Humans On Earth. December 19, 2021

It’s obvious by now that humans are making an impressive impact on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s not a positive one. You might not be worried about what’s happening, but the effects are being felt right now, and it’ll only get worse as time goes by. The repercussions will affect generations to come too. Just look at this photo, which shows the level of pollution in Mexico City. When you add that with the ever-growing population, you get how this area has become inhospitable for animals in the region.

This photo was taken in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, one of the world’s poorest nations. Notice the way the homes are stacked up. You can hardly see the ground. Sadly, the city doesn’t have enough money to implement proper waste disposal and conservation efforts. So unfortunately, Haiti won’t be getting a makeover anytime soon.

The dense and poverty-stricken city of New Delhi, India is having a detrimental effect on the world’s environment. We know it’s hard to believe. However, can you really deny it after taking a look at this aerial shot of the city? There are more buildings than actual land. As a result, modern development has made the soil infertile. In fact, there’s virtually no greenery anywhere and that’s thanks to the 25 million people who live here.

Do you think environmental damage doesn’t affect the US? Guess again. Los Angeles is known for its traffic problems and smog. But it also consumes tons of natural resources to power the city. This is what LA looks like at night, supposedly when people aren’t using as much electricity. The cityscape might look like something from a sci-fi film, but at a high cost.

This image reveals what corporate dumping looks like. It was taken near an incineration plant in Bangladesh. Obviously, some regions could care less about harming the environment. But in some places, it’s a necessary evil to produce resources and funding, especially in poverty-stricken countries. Regardless, survival will be difficult if these places don’t address these issues soon.

Canada is known for its natural, pristine beauty, but this photo is the exception. As you can see, this Canadian plant processes oil sands, and something way more sinister. The heavy machinery produces its own pollution. But so does the oil when it’s used as fuel in Canada and other countries. So clearly, everything you see here makes a significant environmental impact.

You don’t see a lot of machinery in this Canadian oil sands development plant. But you can see the massive side-effect that man-made development has had in the environment surrounding the plant. This dumping ground was once beautiful and green. Now it’s been reduced to nothing more than a horrible wasteland.

You don’t see machines in this photo. But you don’t need glasses to see the major impact humanity has had on this forest in Oregon. This level of deforestation was made so a dam could be built in its place. While we’re not denying that a dam has its own value, the cost to the environment isn’t worth it.

Private companies have made profit from logging and deforestation. But in the process, it has made the mountains in British Columbia barren. People often assume that trees are a renewable resource, but for that to happen, they must be allowed to grow. At this rate, there might not be any trees left.

This hole in the ground isn’t a Hollywood special-effect. It’s one of the world’s largest diamond mines, and it’s located in Russia. Clearly, humanity isn’t satisfied with exploiting the planet’s resource above. So, they’ve gone underground too. The level of waste and commercial machinery has undoubtedly created enough waste to destabilize the eco-system in the surrounding region.