Watch The Terrifying Moment A Croc Swallows A Zebra Whole.

Watch The Terrifying Moment A Croc Swallows A Zebra Whole. February 17, 2019

There are many things in this world that can leave us stunned and frightened, but we’re not talking about movies or television shows the deal with the supernatural, or horrible crimes being committed by a bunch of seriously disturbed minds. We’re referring to nature, whose beauty is like a rose with thorns. Sure, it offers plenty of amazing sights, but it can also present us with scenarios that will swallow us whole with unadulterated terror. That’s exactly what happened when a photographer took an incredibly shocking photo at the Maasai Mara National Reserve involving a zebra who had an unfortunate run in with a very hungry crocodile and did not live to tell the tale.The reserve is located in the Great Rift Valley, which is comprised mostly of open grassland. In fact, it’s one of the most ideal places to view wildlife in their natural habitat.

It’s even seen a large migration of zebras that have traveled into this National Park from the Serengeti plains between the months of July and October every year.

These crocs are full-time residents of the park and they live and lurk in the waters of the reserve, including the Mara River, where many animals cross.

After all, crocodiles don’t have pointy teeth and powerful jaws because they’re vegetarians. Also, there’s no animal that’s too big or too small for these reptilian predators. But they may need time and some privacy to tear their victims apart.

Check out this crocodile who managed to fight off other rival crocs to make sure that the zebra it had started munching on was his and his alone. Yeah, that’s right! That massive killer wound up eating an entire zebra.

So after scaring them off, the gigantic crocodile took what was left of the unfortunate zebra and continued eating its remains by the shore.

The set of snaps are both impressive and gross as the predator devours it’s super sized lunch with its massive jaws. But there was nothing he could to save the zebra. After all, this was simply the way rules work out in the wilderness.

There aren’t too many places where you’ll see a crocodile floating in the murky water with the head of the zebra in its mouth.

But in fact, it’s simply chewing down on the last pieces of the zebra, while his rivals look on with dismay. Guess he showed them who’s boss around here.

As far as the rest of its body, it’s resting uncomfortably in the belly of the beast. But you know how karma can be. So it’ll likely suffer from major indigestion afterwards from eating so fast.

No doubt the croc decided to make that its appetizer before chomping down on the animal’s head a couple of times.

You can practically see just how much the crocs body swells after consuming the zebra, but it definitely had enough appetite left for the final treat, which was the head.