Hysterically Heartbreaking First World Cat Problems.

Hysterically Heartbreaking First World Cat Problems. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There are plenty of people in the world who love cats. They are highly entertaining sometimes because they are just very curious little creatures. They love to have fun just like anyone else, but sometimes that fun gets them into trouble. Just like every other species though, there are those who have their own sets of problems. Only the distinguished cat can face some of the dilemmas that you will find here today. After you give a look through these, and you stop laughing, maybe you will recognize one of these looks in your own cats faces. Once you realize what they are thinking, only then can you really help them!When there is a box of toys in front of you, but the best one is gone, what do you do? Staring at the box won’t make it come back.

It’s always a bad day when you put everything you have into your work. Then you find out the boss doesn’t appreciate it…….

When a cat commits a murder, on rare occasions, regret sets in. Did it have a family? Kids, maybe?

When there is no stronger catnip on the market, the addicted kitty has a major problem. I guess the only thing left to do is double up or triple up on the dosage!

When you want something to drink but the water in your bowl doesn’t fit your taste buds, there is a problem. There is always the toilet or a puddle outside.

Have you ever come across that cat with this look in his eyes? Maybe he just needs a little direction in his life.

Waking up to find the balls are gone is a nightmare for any type of being, not just cats. Dogs know full well what they are going through.

When I was growing up I was taught to eat only one way. The bowl has to be completely full. None of this 90% crap.

I’m a little bit hungry but you’re not a little bit busy. I’ll wait until you are comfortable on the couch to ask!

You guys think it’s funny but it’s really a common cat disease. The lucky cats just run in and out through the door without problem.

Nothing can compare to the pain of being locked out of the bathroom. We have kitty support groups for stuff like that.

I’m holding out hope for Tom. I know that eventually he is going to catch that little bugger!

I can’t watch these cat food commercials anymore. It’s depressing how sexy they are. I’ll never look like that! I wish I was one of the lucky ones!

Thanks for breakfast my friend, it’s much appreciated. By the way, I left a present for you on the living room rug to show my appreciation!

He thinks that I can’t see what he is doing. I pretend to be sleeping when I lay next to the laptop though and I see EVERYTHING!

I’ve practiced this move countless times off of counters and tables but I just can’t get it right. I land on my feet every damn time for some reason!

Everyone needs a day like this once in a while. Cats just seems to have them six days a week!

If it has an opening I’m going to try to get in it. You know this so why do you look at me funny and take pictures?

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