Ikea Just Launched Their Pet Furniture Collection.

Ikea Just Launched Their Pet Furniture Collection. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Dogs and cats often use our beds and sofas to relax, but some of us have family members or friends with allergies and all that pet hair can really wreak havoc on their health. Also, some pets tend to leave a little dodo on your furniture which can be really difficult to get out afterwards. Wouldn’t it be cool if your dog or cat had a place of their own where they could relax around the house? Well, IKEA has now launched a brand-new furniture collection intended just for your pets and it’s oh-so stylish, you might get a little jealous.But some dogs are so big that they wind up taking all the space on the couch, leaving you on the edge of your seat, literally! Sometimes, you might be able to sit, but everyone else in the family has to go.

Now your pet can finally chillax in ultra-style with this kickass collection that’s been exclusively designed to meet your pet’s needs, like this super comfy plush dog bed.

This furniture piece is awesome because your kitty can climb, which is something all cats love to do, or relax in one of two cubbies that from a cat’s perspective, is like staying at the Ritz.

Trained veterinarians and designers who love pets more than life itself were used to come up with nothing but the best type of furniture that could provide them with the comfort they so deserve.

It also offers cool obstacle courses to challenge your pet’s needs like this awesome tube that your cat has to crawl into in order to get to play with the ball at the other end.

The priciest item in the entire collection is an amazing padded cat house, which will set you back $54. Every other furniture item is below that price, so you have to admit, it’s pretty affordable.

If you’re living in the U.S., Portugal, Canada, Japan, or France, then you’re in luck because as of October, the Lurvig collection has become available.

Cats are naturally picky and wouldn’t dare scratch anywhere that wasn’t deemed high class. Fortunately, IKEA uses great quality material that in this case is rough enough for your cat to satiate its natural urge to scratch.

Some of you even dress them up like humans. Don’t deny it. We know who you are. This is what drove IKEA to come up with the wide range of furniture to from beds to toys to scratching posts.

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