Life Got You Down? Check Out These Immaculate Tweets.

Life Got You Down? Check Out These Immaculate Tweets. March 28, 2020

The world can really bring you down sometimes, especially these days. But don’t believe everything you see on the news, because we don’t live in a world that’s entirely cruel. Oh no! There are some beautiful things going on that you need to be aware of. So get to it by checking out these awesomely positive tweets.

Growing tired of being with the same person is one of the common fears that a lot of people have when it comes to marriage. But this couple proved otherwise by staying forever young at heart. In fact, it’s their love for Mulan shows that has helped their love to remain unbreakable over the years. Now do you remember your first pizza?

Your spouse will be your BFF for life. But no one said that you can’t form a close relationship with other people as well. It also doesn’t suggest that marriage represents the end of amazing things like sleepovers. But of course, not every life partner can be as awesome as Emily’s dad is. This next kid probably had a sweeter Valentine’s Day than you did.

This couple proved romance is still alive and kicking. This man has expressed his commitment to his wife for 40 years. If only we could all be as fortunate as they’ve been to find a relationship that is so fulfilling, it even comes with flowers! After you see this, you’ll be put off movie theaters for life.

Not every family can afford to take their kids camping or to a popular theme park because they’re just so expensive. Then again, not everyone is lucky enough to have a family member who knows how to show someone a good time, like Jessie’s aunt, over here. She’s resourceful and successful at making us look real bad! Don’t let these photos melt your heart.

There are lots of reasons why it’s better to adopt a dog rather than buying. And the best way to convince someone to do that is by tugging at their heartstrings. So this post showed how much this dog’s facial expressions changed after it was adopted. If this face doesn’t convince you to adopt, we don’t know what will. You might think your family isn’t normal, but they are.

As much as we look for ways to be unique, there are some things we have in common that unite us. For example, every household, regardless of who they are or walk of life they come from, tends to store their plastic bags inside other bags. Isn’t this world simply incredible? Looking for pure love? Here it is.

We wish relationships were this simple. Wouldn’t the world be perfect if everyone fell in love with someone over their collective adoration for pancakes? These boys know what it’s all about! Hopefully they’ll keep their priorities straight as they get older. Maybe the next generation will better the world. Do you remember when someone did something nice?

Finding good service and loyal customers can be tough in the business world today. But this tweet is proof that you can find both and it’s so heartwarming. The staff at this restaurant appreciated this grandfather so much, that they did something very special to ensure he had a happy birthday. A customer for life? We’d say that’s an understatement. Your heart will melt when you see this next tweet.

Kids have a difficult time dealing with a disability because they’re at that stage when self-image becomes important to them. Now, everyone with disabilities deserve the same acceptance and respect as anybody else. So, a prosthetic technician found a way for a girl with a prosthetic limb to feel more at ease with her condition. We dare you not to cry for this next one.

Growing old brings plenty of challenges. There’s financial insecurity, and issues with mobility as well as health, which can be terrifying. Of course, these things aren’t quite so bad when you have someone who loves you. This couple proved that you’ll do whatever it takes to make someone happy when you’re sharing your life with someone special.

Grayson Clamp didn’t have nerves in his ears, so he couldn’t hear. But after undergoing brain surgery, which left him bed ridden at the hospital for a month, he could finally hear for the very first time. “Daddy loves you,” were the first words he heard and his reaction gave millions warm, fuzzy feelings. Brace yourself. New relationship goals are here.

Many of us make it in this world by taking advantage of a few pleasures in life. And wouldn’t you want to relive that first moment you experienced true happiness? Just look at this little girl who was ecstatic after enjoying her first slice of pizza! Her father shared it to remind us of the good things in life. Would your significant other do this?

Adults tend to brush off childhood crushes, especially when they see kids calling someone their boyfriend or girlfriend. So maybe it is puppy love, but it can still provide a lot of happiness to kids for as long as it lasts. Don’t believe us? Check out these smiles! You’ll think twice before calling flowers tacky.

Cancer doesn’t just affect a patient, but their family members as well. But love and support can really make a huge difference during this negative and difficult time. Love can brighten even the darkest day and you simply can’t buy that kind of dedication. This is what love is love truly means.

The smile from a child who’s happy can brighten anyone’s day. But that smile is even stronger, and you’ll find yourself tearing up when you see a child who finally got adopted by their new family. Love is all that matters, especially when it comes to family. When you have someone like this in your life, aging isn’t so bad.