This Little Kid Can’t Wait To Get Baptized… So He Doesn’t!

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If you grew up going to church you know all too well that those sermons feel like an eternity. It's hard enough for adults to stay away, it's worse for kids. This is why you see children getting wiggly, sighing, and the constant murmuring during the drawn out sermons; keeping quiet and still while the pastor or priest keeps on talking is like a form of torture for a child. Jordan Warrick was really excited about his baptism at the West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The six-year-old was standing in a pool with the pastor, while his family and the rest of the congregation witnessed the special occasion. The only problem is that the man of God just kept on talking and Jordan just wanted to get on with the celebration. The video which has gone viral shows what Jordan does to make the baptism run a little faster. He shows this is the way baptisms are done.