33 Incredible Inventions That Will Make Perfect Christmas Gifts.

33 Incredible Inventions That Will Make Perfect Christmas Gifts. November 17, 2019

Life is complicated. It always has been, which is why we love inventors. They find ways to make our lives so much easier. In fact, it seems like they’re always looking for some nifty looking things that will improve the quality of life. Whether it’s a simple or a complex invention, we can all agree that we definitely need solutions to everyday obstacles. Fortunately, there’s always someone trying to come up with something new or a better way to improve on something already invented. So, from cleaning solutions to traveling and food hacks, here are some of the coolest inventions that make life so much simpler.So you just got out of Starbucks and have two cups of delicious coffee. But Mother Nature has literally started raining on your Java parade. Fortunately, you’ve got this umbrella with cup holders, so you don’t have to juggle so many things.

Everyone will think twice before they steal your sandwich if it looks a bit moldy. The moldy sandwich bags have green blotches printed on each side to make it seem like you’ve got a moldy sandwich. Only you’ll know the truth.

Onions are delicious, but they make you cry, especially if you cut yourself while cutting one. But this invention looks like a metal comb, and can keep your onion in place while you cut like a professional chef.

The Noodle Cooler comes with a fan that cools off those noodles before they reach your mouth. Also, it’s perfect if you suffer from asthma because you won’t have to blow on your noodles and risk and attack.

The Rotating/interchangeable power strip outlets allow you to pull and plug as many outlets as you need. It’s like LEGO block but outlets. You’ll never feel frustrated about finding an outlet ever again.

The Lockable Mug ensures that no one will be able to drink from your mug unless you give them permission. Your co-workers will really resent you, but they’ll never get access to your cup ever again.

If you use candles a lot, then you’ll love this. It’s called the Rekindle, and while it can’t guarantee to rekindle the flames of passion, it will certainly give your candles new life by collecting the dripped wax and reshaping it into a new candle.

It’s known as the Roller Buggy, and turns a normal baby carriage into a scooter that any mommy or daddy can ride to get to where they need to go, like that so important playdate at the park.

What are you supposed to do when there are no hotels in sight? You can crash in the backseat of your car and avoid actually crashing by using this inflatable car bed. It’s the next best thing to a mattress at home.

Not only are you able to cut a slice of pizza flawlessly, but it also comes with a spatula, so you can serve. Looks like those days of sloppy cutting and drooling cheese and sauce are a thing of the past.

Forget about drawing blood. The Smart Contact Lenses was designed with Diabetics in mind. It detects a wearer’s glucose levels through the tears. If an imbalance is detected, the color of the lens will change.

Never will you ever have to worry about someone finishing off your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, or any other tub of ice cream. With the Ice Cream Lock, every last spoonful will be yours for the tasting and only yours.

Babies are a lot more sensitive to water temperature than grown-ups, so one company came up with a thermometer that lets you see the temperature. That way, you can be sure that you won’t scald your kid.

This is no ordinary umbrella. When the rain stops, you can change it back into a bag. If it starts to pour, you can turn it back into an umbrella. Okay, so it’s not Gucci, but it’s still pretty freaking awesome.

Yanko Designs has invented a traffic light that’s also a virtual hourglass. So, now drivers will know how much time they have before the light turns, and if it’s worth flooring it to avoid the light turning red.

The WOW Water Sterilizer can be used on fruits and veggies, or baby bottles and kitchen appliances. But instead of using harsh chemicals, the device uses electrolysis to get rid of germs and bacteria that can make you sick.

The Laser Bike Lane uses bright LED lights that are so bright, vehicles will know you’re there. This’ll prevent the chances of a car hitting you when you are out bike riding late at night, especially in poorly lit areas.

When you’re a guest in someone’s home, or you drink coffee at your desk at work, you risk coffee drips staining the surface. Fortunately, A Koreana designer named Kim Keun came up with this to keep your drips from staining.

The mirror ironing board allows you to flip the board, which contains a tall mirror. This will allow you to do a spot check and see if there are any wrinkly areas you might have missed, so you can go out looking flawless.

The Mirror Mist Wiper acts just like a windshield wiper, except you use it on your bathroom mirror. With just once swipe, you’ll never have to struggle in the morning because you’ll be seeing things a lot clearer.

Slippers that can light your path… how cool is that? Now you’ll never have to worry about bumping into a cabinet, or a wall in the middle of the night. These sleepers have made walking to the bathroom so much safer.

Next to no-tear shampoo, the Baby Bath Umbrella Hat is awesome. Not only does it look cute on your baby, but it also protects their eyes from shampoos and conditioners that may irritate them and make them cry.

It’s a bottle opener ring, so the next time you’re at a bar, or at home, and want to open up a beer, you can use this ring to make life easier. It also makes the ultimate gift for the upcoming holidays.

Aside from being comfy, the twisted fork will revolutionize who you eat pasta because you’ll never stress while you eat. Unlike conventional forks, this one was designed to keep spaghetti where it should be, on your fork, not back on the plate.

The Dogbrella was designed to keep your dog from getting drenched during a rain storm. It not only keeps them comfortable, but it ensures that they won’t ruin the furniture when they walk back in the house.

It’s not only cute and extremely comfortable for your kitty, it’s also such a huge space saver for your house or cramped apartment. You can attach the crib pretty much anywhere, even on the bottom of a seat.

The Virtual Keyboard is an invention that displays a virtual infra-red simulation on a flat surface. Then, using Bluetooth technology, it connects to laptop, desktop, or tablet, so you can type as if it were the real thing.

Make no mistake! It’s actually a real necktie, but it was designed so you could hide your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise, around your neck. Now you’ll never get thirsty in those long boring meetings again.

The LEGO Key Holder will allow you to hang up your keys on the wall, so you can finally free up that nice glass bowl for what it was really meant for… candy. Just glue the LEGO blocks on the wall, add a hook, and Voila!

The BENDDESK is cooler, and as the name suggest, it’s a desk that’s bent. But it’s so much more than that. It’s also a touchscreen. Now imagine having an entire desk that can do whatever you want it with a touch of finger.

Well, it turns out that it doesn’t exist quite yet, but scientists are working on a way to displace someone or something on a molecular level, and then transmit it to another location and reconstitute it. If all goes well, we might be seeing this in the next decade or so.

Fortunately, someone came up the Baby Mop, a onesie for your baby that allows them to crawl around the house as much as they want. But in the process, they’re helping you keep your floors nice and clean.

Watching your weight has never been easier. The Weight Watch Belt lets you measure your waistline. So, the larger the number, the more obvious it becomes that you need to cut down on those calories.