He Traveled Across India On A Motorbike, This Is What He Saw…

He Traveled Across India On A Motorbike, This Is What He Saw… April 25, 2018

Jacob Laukaitis is no stranger to adventuring. Last summer, he motorbiked nearly 5,000 miles across 15 countries in Europe, with nothing but the road and the wind at his back. He shared his travels on social media, not realizing that by doing so, he was inadvertently planning his next adventure. After a commenter from India reached out on on one of his photos, Laukaitis decided to pack up his bike again and head to the massive south Asian country, planning to travel across three states with the pal he met on the Internet. >[It was] interesting to realize how the world we live in has changed with social media,” Laukaitis told LIfeBuzz in an email. “I mean the guy I did the trip with simply commented on one of my Facebook photos during another trip of mine then we kept in touch and decided to do a trip together. Then when I went to India I sent him a message, we spontaneously agreed on where we’ll go and we did it. This would not have happened 100, 50 or even 20 years ago. What ensued was yet another epic sojourn, and Laukaitis documented the entire thing so followers could see the country in a way they never had before. >The best part about the entire trip was the beauty of the mountains in South India and the freedom that I feel motorbiking in them,” Laukaitis told LifeBuzz in an email. “I really enjoyed exploring the tea plantations, the parks and the view-points in Ooty. The trip was sponsored by [Travel-Ticker][1]. See footage from their motorbike travels through India below. [1]: