25 Accidentally Rude Drawings That Prove You Can’t Trust Your Kids.

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What a dolphinarium looks like through a kid's eyes.

Some kids say the craziest things. They're kids so they kind of have the right to be curious. Their drawings, on the other hand, can be quite questionable. Where a kid might see a whistle or a dolphin, you might see something else. What they see as innocent may appear as inappropriate and NSFW to you. You can't blame them, they don't really know any better. The most we can do at this point is hope that their drawing skills develop past this level or just give up drawing entirely. But until then, let's just enjoy and laugh at the masterpieces they create.Those are some beautiful dolphins.

Didn't know volcanos were so lanky and narrow.

....and limp?

A pre-schooler's painting of her mom and dad on their wedding day.

It's like she didn't even try on the mom.
Nicole Loria

Remember, always wash your hands!

Be sure to use both hands to speed up the process.

It really is such a lovely drawing.

Scissors interpreted in the simplest way possible.

What happens after a night of listening to old school rap with your kid.

He draws two turn tables of course.
Amy Aucoin

Didn't know giraffes came in this shape.

I should go visit a zoo more often.

A 4-year-old's drawing on Santa.

I think he needs to watch more Christmas specials that have Santa in them.

Love how the "mushrooms" have the word "mushrooms" next to them with an arrow.

Someone wanted to make sure that we knew they were "mushrooms."

A drawing of vases with flowers from an art class.

This kid shows a lot of potential.

How precious, this little girl wants to be just like her mom when she grows up.

By the way, her mom sells snow shovels in case you were wondering.

A program a kid drew for a Kindergarten graduation service.

Obviously that big thing in the middle is a lighthouse.

The kid calls this "Daddy Shaking Hands With Santa Claus."

They look like they're touching more than hands, alright.

When a student's drawing goes horribly wrong.

Not sure why he just had to aim the gun that low.

A super special Mother's Day card.

She's obviously sitting inside a rocketship.... we think.

A kid's drawing of their first day at Kindergarten and Kindergarten teacher.

Looks like it's probably an accurate representation.

The best Father's Day cards are the homemade ones.

These super heroes look super special.

A book that was made for dad as a Father's Day gift.

This kid could probably use some practice drawing whistles.

Isn't it obvious what is on the paper here?

Why yes, you're correct, it's a fox running away from an alien.

When all the other kids in class are drawing rainbows, you have to be original.

Not sure if her drawing really looks like cats but it's definitely an original piece of art.

A "Thank You" note from a kid to a firefighter.

Yes, god bless this firefighter and his hose.

Finger drawings can be so ambiguous.

How does one differentiate an index finger from a middle finger.

A self portrait of a 8-year-old kid.

FYI, he's wearing a minion shirt.

So exactly at what point are you supposed to talk to someone about your kid's questionable art?

Is this supposed to be a drawing of the devil eating his tail or something else?

"You don't have to do this."

"No really, you don't have to wash my feet."