24 Innovative Products You’ll Wish You Had Now.

24 Innovative Products You’ll Wish You Had Now. July 18, 2021

Life would be so dull without creative people, wouldn’t it? Designers are gifted with an artistic vision that allows them to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. It’s a lucky thing for the rest of us that these folks exist. They make life easier and so much fun, and that’s really what they’re all about. By giving us a different perspective on things, they improve the quality of our lives. Some change the world through aesthetic art, while others design technology to make the world a better place. So, here are some really nifty ideas that we really wish we’d thought of first.Seriously, this would’ve been our dream bed when we were kids! Turn your kids’ bedtime routine into an adventure of epic proportions with this helicopter bed that looks just like the real deal.

Ogilvy & Mather is one of the greatest advertising agencies in the world, and they really outdid themselves with their stunning campaigns for LEGO. They merged fantasy with reality with a series of playful designs that interact with reality and inspire children to think creatively and “dream outside the box”.

The EvolutionDoor is part of a collection of kinetic objects that date back from 2003. The cool new door concept allows people to slide itself open and closed without using any tracks. We’re seriously out of words with this one! The future is now!

This brilliant Thelma’s Cookies box really trick you into thinking you’re about to munch on some homemade cookies just like the ones grandma used to make. Aww!

Someone came up with this brilliant idea of using super-strong magnetic strips to hang beer bottles. This keeps them from touching the shelf in your fridge, which allows for more room.

It’s called “The Cut Buddy” and it gives users a foolproof way of getting a perfect grooming line at home instead of going to the barber. Makes a nice gift for men who take pride in the beards.

The design allows you to place all your books around the bed. Undeniably, it’s a pretty nifty way to save lots of space. But some people think it might be a bit impractical for two people.

The Joseph Joseph BladeBrush knife can be bought on Amazon, and it’s a total life-saver when it comes to effective and safe cleaning. It’s got a textured handgrip and a wraparound design that prevents your fingers from touching the sharp edges. This is insanely cool!

These avocados come with a color chart on the sticker that lets you know when they’re completely ripe and perfect for some delicious homemade guacamole dip. Don’t forget the nachos!

Finally, someone came up with the best idea. A stainless steel insert that transforms your grill into an oven for pizza! How cool is that?

People can walk, ride or drive on this road full of panels made of microprocessors and glass. It also uses heating to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the surface, making it safe for everyone to use.

This tiny door is half the size of a conventional door and a lot less intimidating for children. It’s also pretty cute. But hopefully the teacher remembers to open up the top part when she needs to get in or out, or she’s going to have an embarrassing accident.

While the dentist works on their mouths, patients can distract themselves by looking at the ceiling and playing “Where’s Wally?” You have to admit, it’s better to have this brain tease to look at than water stains from a leaky roof.

Well, that’s not a problem for this elevator that shows it’s time for someone to get off. But imagine how crushing it’d be to step inside an empty elevator and reach over the capacity. Ouch!

It’s tiny and cute, and also bacteria’s worst nightmare. This little robot can be used in hotels, AirBnBs or at home. The bed cleaning robot will ensure beds and pillows are free of bacteria that can make people sick.

There’s something vintage and modern about using old plumbing pipe that adds more character to your book collection than a conventionally styled bookshelf. It will also make for one heck of a conversation piece when you have guests over.

Airports are full of phone-charging stations. Everywhere you look, there’s a USB station where you can charge your phone or laptop. So why not bring your home to the 21st century with the Victrola Wood Speaker table? It not only lets you plug your gadgets, but it also comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker that allows you to stream your favorite songs from over 30 feet away.

This tray is the perfect gift! It hooks onto the steering wheel, so the driver can park and eat or even use their laptop.

Udarely’s Strawtini Martini glasses are perfect for those who hate taking sips straight out of the glass. Plus, if you wear lipstick, you won’t have to worry about reapplying it in the bathroom later on. Genius!

We love seeing displays of epic design ideas that combine functionality and art. We would be a little taken aback if we were to open the door only to find a sign that says “nope”. We would definitely “nope” our butts out of there, so mission accomplished, right?

This sunscreen spray station allows you to spray on some much-needed SPF if you forget yours at home. Sure, $2 might sound a bit expensive for some sunscreen, but so is cancer, right?

This system isn’t just genius, it’s what progress looks like. Heck, we would even use it if our hands were completely empty. Wouldn’t you?

The Growth Table can accommodate children of any age, no matter how young they might be. The other end is tall enough for teens to work on their homework or for parents to work on their personal projects. Plus, this family-friendly table allows everyone in the family to spend some quality time together, so it’s a total win in our book.

These reusable sealable cans being sold at a local shop in the UK allow people to recycle and reuse them as many times as they want. This undoubtedly helps make the world a better place. Apparently, aluminum is, (for the most part) almost entirely recyclable, even more so than plastic. We’re sure hopeful about what the future holds!