20 Perfectly Timed Photos That Are Too Weird To Explain.

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Always within reach.

Everyone of us is a bit of a shutterbug. We like to capture a moment, whether it’s hanging out with friends or a bit of scenery that can later become our desktop wallpaper. There is a reason why every smart phone has a camera. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in photography equipment to produce memorable photos. It’s usually the imperfect images that bring the most joy to people. Whether it is planned or not, folks tend to remember the awkward and hilarious photos. These are not pictures that will inspire but they will definitely make you giggle.

That back looks very comfortable.

The mystery of the third hand.

Disappearing legs.

That is not safe for any one of the four.

Did she forget her bottom?

A ponytail with personality

PDA to the next level.

Now that's commitment.


See through ears.

The incredible hover boat.

He wore it best.

Can she see the moon?

Always ready for a family pic.

Four arms are better than two.

Siamese giraffes.

They both have great legs.

It took him all year to grow it out.

Close landing.