Woman Shares Pics Of Herself “Dying” At Famous Landmarks On Instagram.

Woman Shares Pics Of Herself “Dying” At Famous Landmarks On Instagram. April 24, 2021

Everyone seems to be trying to outshine other people on Instagram with their jaw-dropping selfies. But Instagram model Stephanie Leigh is a total rebel. Her photos don’t require the best angle or even the right lighting. All she has to do is die. Yup. You read right. Stephanie is traveling the world, and she’s sharing photos of herself dying at famous landmarks along the way. Funnily enough, this isn’t even weird in 2019, which might explain how she has managed to accrue nearly 25 thousand followers so far!The American-born London-based model has been asked about five times if she’s okay, which you tend to expect when you pretend to be dead in front of the Eiffel Tower. Fortunately, no one has panicked and called first responders.

Stephanie’s early photos were meant to be funny snaps of her trip during times when she was utterly burned out but amused by the situation she was in. She wanted to capture those moments and add a bit of humor to them.

That’s right! Stephanie kicked the bucket right in front of Cinderella. She’s done various shots like this one for the last few years as she continued to travel around the world. It’s her way of promoting how precious life really is.

She implemented this artform of playing dead in locations like the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Diego Zoo, and even Buckingham Palace in her adopted hometown. She even has an official slogan which is to “leave a mark.”

Stephanie decided to have a little fun with people’s belief that delicious treats are dangerous by dying inside the Dum Dum Donutterie in London. But the service here must be awful since those two don’t even look to be all that concerned about Steph.

Maybe her message is a bit on the nose, but then again, so is Stephanie’s nose on the pavement. We’re sure lying on the floor in front of a London bus passing by this graffiti is something a lot of Brits can relate to.

This French location is looking a bit grimmer with Stephanie kneeled over on the ground. But if you asked her if she has a favorite snap, she’d probably tell you she couldn’t pick one. Meanwhile, there are plenty for you to choose from on her Instagram page, @stefdies.

Stephanie has found some incredibly scenic and famous places to die in. Then there are places like this animal farm. Two of the creatures in this photo are probably wondering what’s going on. At least there’s one animal that looks genuinely concerned for her!

We’re surprised no one ran over to check her pulse. It looks like she washed up on the shores of Amalfi beach in Italy. This is truly an outstanding snap that would also make a great postcard to send to the family.

Just look at that couple sitting on the bench at Volta’s Lighthouse in Brunate, Italy. The scenery is gorgeous, but all they’re busy doing is looking at Stephanie like’s she’s totally nuts or something.

We’re guessing she picked the Monopoli Cathedral in Italy in the hopes that some divine intervention would lead to her resurrection. She’s like a drunk tourist who is fun and amusing all at the same time!

Stephanie doesn’t plan out any of her photos ahead of time. All of the snapshots she shares on social media are spontaneously taken when she’s out and about or when she’s traveling. So, don’t expect this photo series to end… at least, not as long as her actual heart continues beating.