The Amazing New Secret Features In Apple IOS 9

The Amazing New Secret Features In Apple IOS 9 November 3, 2017

Apple is best known for their innovation. Apple iPhones are very different from other smart devices and they clearly win in all comparisons. But Apple is not stopping there; the new Apple iOS 9 has a lot to offer. With countless new amazing utilities and features, it promises to be the best smart device you’ve ever had. Take a look at some of the remarkable hidden features.We all take embarrassing photos which we don’t want anyone to see except for us. iOS 9 now allows you to hide the photos you don’t want to appear.

The new Apple iOS allows you to zoom in and zoom out in a video. Yes, a video. Now you simply zoom in on a video by the pinch gesture.

The new iPhone allows you to quickly select photos. Now you don’t have to tap every individual picture to select it. All you have to do is drag your finger to select as many pictures as you want.

Now Apple allows you to personalize your phone in a better way. You can add a secret battery widget in the notification center.

Now you can set the notification settings according to your desire. Do you prefer group notifications instead of time? Now you can change the notification style from the settings.

Now you can enjoy the numerous safari shortcuts that allow you to surf with ease.

The operating system of the new iOS 9 is stronger than ever. Now you can make quick conversions and calculations through your phone.

Tired of slow Wi-Fi? Now the iOS 9 has a new feature of Wi-Fi assist; when your internet is slow it will boost it for better speed.

This feature is amazing for people who like to take too much photos. It becomes really hard to navigate through the pictures but with the new photo scanning feature, the process is a lot easier now.

Now your iPhone will tell you details about the apps eating up your battery. Allowing you to increase the battery time of the phone.

The maps are better than ever. Now you can navigate through the maps in a more detailed way.

Now you can quickly reply to your messages or compose a new message on your phone. Just go the spotlight and see the messaging shortcuts.

Apple is linked with numerous well-known brands allowing you to enjoy various benefits offered by the companies offered to iPhone users.

With the new iOS devices, you can save a lot of time. It allows you to multitask and do more than one tasks at a single time.

The voice features are improved to a great extent and now you can explore new voice options from your settings.

Attaching pictures, videos, and files to messages has never been easier. With the new attaching features you can easily attach files with your text messages.

Now you can read on your Apple device the way you like. You can change the font, color, and background in the reader mode.

Now you can play with your Apple keyboard and its numerous new features from the settings. Writing with the iPhone is easier than ever.

Now you can read the website content without any internet or connectivity by saving it as PDF in your mobile.

The operating system is a lot more powerful now. And Siri is the perfect example for that.

With the new Adblock shortcut on Safari you can avoid annoying ads and enjoy save surfing.

Overall, with the new iOS 9, you get to increase your productivity with your smart device. You can easily mark mails and pay easily with the automatic Apple pay feature. The new Apple devices have a lot to offer to their users.