iPhone 8 Rumors: What To Expect From Apple’s Newest Upgrade.

iPhone 8 Rumors: What To Expect From Apple’s Newest Upgrade. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It seems like yesterday everyone was talking about the iPhone 6. Most of us totally missed the iPhone 7 and now here it comes… the iPhone 8. At least, that’s what we’re hearing from the rumor mill. Its release is still months away and will celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhones and Apple seems to be very excited about it. So naturally you’d expect every iPhone user carrying an iPhone 7 and under to be excited too, but although everyone seems to be freaking out about the iPhone 8, it’s happening in a really bad way.That’s usually because Apple introduces brand new features into the latest generation of iPhones. But unfortunately, not all of these features are the hit that the designers expected, like that nonexistent headphone port.

Again, bear in mind that these are still only rumors, but the source of these rumors have always been pretty reliable. So now it’s time to figure out what’s ticking people off about the iPhone 8.

Although that might seem like a win because it would allow others to share their chargers with their friends and family, Apple will likely force people to buy a new dongle, which is a device that allows you to connect your phone to use with another device. This would make all previous dongles essentially useless.

Granted, it won’t be the same glass used to make wine glasses, but will it be sturdy enough to resist breaking if it falls on the floor? Probably not.

Sources claim that the home button will actually be replaced by a bigger, more interactive touch screen, which although is doubtful, it’s still very much plausible.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend some extra cash if you want that OLED screen because the standard iPhone 8 model won’t feature the same display.

However, only true iPhone loyalists would see this as an advantage provided that other manufacturers have already been offering wireless charging as an option for years.

Total bummer, we know! Especially for those of us who prefer tactile feedback. No wonder people are hopping mad. The last thing anyone wants to experience with their new phone is frustration.

Apple always tends to upgrade the processors of their phones to meet the demands of more sophisticated apps and customer demand. So, according to rumors, the much needed upgraded A11 processor will make its debut on the iPhone 8.

As cool as this new feature would be, there have been rumors that this feature is the reason why production has been delayed and why you’ll have to wait until the fall of 2017 to get your new iPhone 8.

As there will be higher end models for the upcoming iPhone 8, you could end up spending a thousand dollars or more. At this point, this iPhone better be able to live up to its high cost, as in, it should fire laser beams or scan for vital signs… or something.

With a 5.8 OLED display, a faster A11 processor, a glass body, edge-to-edge display, camera and TOUCH ID integrated into the display, wireless charging and no home button, the iPhone 8 could be revolutionary if people are willing to embrace change.

Probably because the Lightning only entered the Apple world about five years ago and with that introduction, a whole mini-industry was built around those products and Lightning accessories. But with the Lightning feature gone, these accessories become obsolete.

Although it would have been easier to simply get Bluetooth headphones, customers were beyond upset by the removal of this feature. So imagine the kind of uproar Apple can expect when they learn that rumors of the Lightning being gone are true.

Well, it looks like Apple took a page from Samsung’s book, at least according to the rumor mill, and has designed the iPhone 8 to have a similar curved display, but only one of the potential three models will have this curved OLED screen. The other two models might have more traditional screens.

One thing that seems to be certain is that Apple is currently testing over 10 prototypes of iPhone models. So whatever it is that you’re hearing or reading, it may simply be quite the entire opposite. One thing’s for sure, the redesign of the iPhone 8 will likely be a radical change.

The OLED will allow Apple to introduce the iPhone as a thinner device, which is excellent because this means it will consume less power and offer a better display with a higher contrast ratio. Translation? The colors on your screen will look brighter and more lifelike.

Like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is expected to be water resistant. In fact, it may even have an improved IP68 water resistance rating so that it can hold up to rain splashes and short submersion in water, like if you accidentally drop your phone in the fish tank and pick it up right away.

Not only will biometric additions like iris, facial, and gesture recognition make your phone more secure, it will also include dual-lens cameras with optical image stabilization.

Apple has already introduced a 256GB storage option and it’s possible that the new iPhone will have an increased capacity. But for now, customers should expect it to include a NAND flash memory and will also include 3GB of RAM.

But that’s not the only thing that could see a change. Up till now the phones have all marked a numeric increase to reflect the internal feature upgrades. However, Apple might choose to give it a completely different naming scheme.

Although this feature hasn’t been featured since Apple introduced the aluminum body of their iPhone models back in 2012, rumors suggest that the glass-backed body was designed to differentiate between the previous models. Also the glass backing will be made of material like Gorilla Glass to make it sturdier.

This will allow the camera on your phone to find the depth and location of objects that are right in front of it, hence where the iris and facial recognition feature comes into play.

But since Apple will be using the iPhone 8 to celebrate the phone’s 10th anniversary, we can only expect a lot of positive things to come out of this new model and maybe even a few surprises as well.

After all, with the exception of a few hiccups here and there, they’ve rarely let us down and the iPhone 8 could end up being the best phone that they’ve ever released.

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