Here’s Why Your iPhone Has Those White Lines On The Back, So Clever…

Here’s Why Your iPhone Has Those White Lines On The Back, So Clever… July 19, 2018

People who love their iPhones cannot wait to get their hands on the newest model. Fans anxiously await to share what they love or hate about their new phone. Discussion forums online are devoted with folks from all over the world giving full and extensive review of the smartphone. When the iPhone 6 was released, users were quick to point out the changes. One obvious and visual difference were the white lines on the back of the phones. Depending on the phone colour finish, the lines are either white, rose gold, and grey. Although, not many owners are happy with the lines. Some feel they take away from the stylish and modern look of the phones. These lines are not there for a fashion purposes but rather for a very important reason. The team at Apple may have believed no one would notice the lines but never underestimate the power of iPhone fans.As soon as users opened their boxes they noticed new changes with the latest model.

Unlike previous models, this one came with one line at the top and one at the bottom of the phone. Knowing that Apple does not do anything without thinking it through, mobile users wanted to know what these lines were for.

These models were made lighter and thinner in comparison to the older generations. The back panels are made of aluminum, except for the lines which appear to be made of plastic.

The iPhone 6back panels are made of aluminum. This makes the exterior different from the past models which were made of ceramic and glass as opposed to metal.

The white bands are assumed to be the phone’s antennas.

Everything from receiving emails, sending text, and downloading music would not happen without the antennas.

The aluminum back cover is the same material used in the aerospace industry. This is the strongest alloy Apple has used for their phones.

People even questioned if Steve Jobs himself would have approved of the design.

The two lines allow for the radio waves to send and receive information.

It is speculated that the iPhone 7 will not have the bands. Do the two lines on the phone bother you?