You Won’t Believe How Large These Dogs Are, It’s Too Weird To Be True.

You Won’t Believe How Large These Dogs Are, It’s Too Weird To Be True. January 23, 2021

Don’t let the name fool you. Irish Wolfhounds aren’t wolves, but they were originally used for wolf hunting. But as scary as their names are, they’re actually beautiful and adorable. They’re also pretty big, too. Their height is usually 32 to 34 inches (81 cm to 86 cm). So, running into one of these Irish Wolfhounds can be a frightening experience. But the fact is that these creatures are super friendly once they get to know you. So, to desensitize the stigma, some folks started posting photos of their Wolfhounds to prove that these beauties aren’t really beasts at all.There’s not just one, but several of these creatures, and they can all smell the fresh meat of an approaching burglar. So, unless you’re a neighbor coming over to borrow a cup of sugar, you might want to stay away.

This Irish Wolfhound assumed his owner was driving him to the doggy park. But when he drove past it, the dog’s expression went from joyful and hopeful to one of disappointment. But he’ll get him back by chewing on his shoes later.

This was certainly true for this woman who passed away from ovarian cancer. 17 days after she met her maker, her Irish Wolfhound decided to join her in the afterlife. But at least, their loved ones will always have a photo to remind them of the bond they shared.

But he should make sure he has enough for everyone. They’re all practically ganging up on him. We certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint them. But once they’re done, they’ll probably toss this guy on the floor and thank him with a few face licks.

An Irish Wolfhound and a donkey being BFFs in the snow. It’s like a live-action Disney movie. Now everyone will want to have a loveable pair just like these two. But you better make extra space in your home.

This pooch is watching TV and resting its arms as if it were a person. But in retrospect, it’s probably better than most people out there. But this pup is so cute that its human family doesn’t own it. It owns them and the remote. They just don’t know it.

Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent! But wait! Did you just call Garth a dog? You better watch out because that dog is bigger than most of you. You certainly don’t want to mess with him or get him mad.

The little dog clearly doesn’t know his place in the world. But thankfully, his big brother isn’t mean about it and decided to use his lil bro’s bed. Well, at least his backside’s comfortable. Maybe the owner should buy an extra big bed.

The Whippet puppy that’s sitting next to the Irish Wolfhound looks like his toy plushy. And yet somehow, these two have the perfect relationship because Wolfie allows the little one to share the bed, and the Whippet gets to cuddle up with something warm.

They’re copydogging each other. But the question remains, who’s imitating who? This is a simple case of sibling rivalry. “Anything you can do, I can do better.” We’re fairly certain that the Chihuahua is the one in charge here.

We’re willing to bet that no one around the house gets to use that chair except for this pooch, who looks like a doggy puzzle that people have to put together. This is so adorable. Tell us this doesn’t make you want to get a Wolfhound of your own.

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this? Whoever said that Wolfhounds weren’t tender and caring never owned one. They’re not only loving and supportive, but they make great doggy carriers too.

This probably went better than most blind dates. It’s amazing to see how large these Wolfhounds can get. They’re so tall they’re capable of booping the nose of their owner. With a big dog like that, no one will ever mess with her when she’s taking this one out for a walk.

The kitten’s adorable. It’s like it’s Little Red Riding Hood asking Grandma, “what a big mouth you have.” But don’t worry. This Wolfhound will probably use that big tongue to lick that kitty with love and affection.

Then again, he might be stretched out this way because there’s not enough space on the couch for him to lay on. Just look at this face. It’s like he’s telling his owner to clear all the clutter off that couch so he can stretch out.

This woman doesn’t just have a lap dog. She has an all-over dog. He technically takes up her lap, her chest and shoulders. We’re surprised she can even breathe. It’s more like a blanket than a dog, but it’s obvious, she loves him.

This 3-pound kitten likes to take naps between her two brothers, who happen to be two 180-pound Irish Wolfhounds. It’s probably the safest spot on the planet, unless one of them decides to toot. Then, she’ll have to get the heck out of dodge.

They’re both super adorbs and we’d love to read their minds to see what they’re thinking. We’re willing to bet that the horsey is wondering whether the Wolfhound’s mom or dad was a horse because it’s such a big dog.

He certainly couldn’t do any worse than most human drivers out on the highway. So, if you happen to have a Wolfhound who doesn’t like taking walks at the park, you might want to consider buying them a car.

He doesn’t look concerned at all to be at the vet, and neither does the owner, who looks a bit like Negan from “The Walking Dead.” But that dude’s arm will come out of its socket if he’s still holding onto the leash when the Wolfhound decides to run away from the vet.

We’re assuming it gets its teeth to look that nice and clean because it brushes its teeth in the morning. It also uses woof-strips to whiten them. Plus, it has great dental care at the vet. Just make sure you don’t wake it up or it might take a bite out of you.

Oh, the Wolfhound will undoubtedly be protective and caring with this chihuahua. But just to be on the safe side, it should know right away that there’s a number one rule in this house. The biggest dog is the alpha.

But instead, she has decided to take the big pooch out for a walk. But who’s really walking who here? It looks more like the Wolfhound is taking the little human out for a walk. We just hope he doesn’t start chasing after squirrels, or the girl will go flying.

What you see here is an adorable duo! They’re both so modelesque in their own right. Plus, whoever took this photo picked the perfect lighting. They both have a radiant glow. She’s gorgeous and so is the dog.

Elevated bowls are a lot easier for dogs to drink out of which is why these Wolfhounds are drinking from the sink bowl. But if they turned the water on themselves, we hope they’ll know how to turn the faucet off. Otherwise, we’d hate to see what the water bill will look like next month.