Here’s What 3 Years Of Hard Work And Diet Does To A 300lb Woman.

Here’s What 3 Years Of Hard Work And Diet Does To A 300lb Woman. July 3, 2020

Anyone who has had to struggle with weight issues will tell you that losing weight is a lot easier said than done. There are so many delicious temptations out there that prevent people from shedding a few extra pounds. Then there’s the individual’s state of mind, which also plays a role in the ongoing struggle to undergo a healthy transformation. And no one knows this better than Laura Micetich, also known as The Iron Giantess. She used to weigh more than 300 lbs, and at 22, she was facing all sorts of health issues because of her weight. But wait until you see what working out and dieting did for this remarkable young woman.Not only did she suffer from hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure, but doctors told her that she was a pre-diabetic. Naturally, she realized she needed to make a change right away if she wanted to make it to 30.

Her journey towards a healthier version of herself was difficult, and it’s something that many people can relate to, especially the part about wanting to give up. But then she had an epiphany and adopted a “can do” attitude.

But the truth was that she had been heavy since she was a child. She even described herself as “a ball buster,” which is why it took her so long to openly admit that she felt insecure about her outward appearance.

She decided that the best way to lose weight would be to start lighting weights. So, before long, she was inside a gym reaching for the barbell, and she fell in love with the concept of weightlifting from the start.

She used barbells to gain muscle mass, but she knew she would undoubtedly need to deal with her excess skin, so, according to her Instagram, she did undergo abdominoplasty with Dr. Joseph Michaels to remove some skin.

She spent hours in the gym, and when she wasn’t there lifting weights or using leg machines to tone her body, she was also busy studying. Of course, her studying was focused specifically on finding research that related to nutrition, fitness, and health.

Laura had lost more than 100 pounds by putting in a lot of work and effort. She had also found a way to change unhealthy habits, which had been pushing her towards some seriously dangerous health issues.

The first thing she did was to remove all of the foods that contained processed sugars and starches from her diet. In their place, she chose food items that were cleaner and healthier. This led to a massive reduction in weight.

Not only did she stop eating out, she also stopped ordering takeout food. This was a huge step, and it wasn’t easy at first, especially when the cravings kicked in, but she pulled it off. She even stopped buying junk food when she went grocery shopping.

In order to get fit and stay fit, she stopped ordering alcoholic beverages when she went out with her friends. While she was at it, she also hit the brakes on binge eating on food that was not good for her. Eventually, dishes like this one became the norm for her.

The photo on the left showed Laura weighing 300 lb way back in 2014. Then there’s the photo of herself taken in May 2017, which showed her weighing 180. But she admits that her current weight is approximately 195.

This is her life now practically every day, and there’s nothing she would rather do because it keeps her looking slim, toned, and most importantly, healthy. Her life might have taken a very different turn health wise had she not put this kind of inspiring effort.

From her perspective, there will never be a time when you’ll feel as though you’re ready to begin exercising and eating healthy. She believes that the time is now, so you better get to it if you want to achieve what she has.

Her life has definitely changed for the better, and this experience taught her something that she would like most people to realize, and that’s the fact that what you do is completely in your hands. So, if you want to change, you hold the power in your hands.

Anyone can pretty much do it, regardless of how old or young you are. It’s never too late to start getting healthy, and your body will thank you for it, the way it thanked Laura by getting rid of all of the things that ailed her.

When she takes selfies that show that she’s now half the woman she used to be, she gives hope to others who are also looking to lose weight. In fact, these followers will turn to her for advice, which she’s more than happy to give out.

Choosing to lose weight can be difficult sometimes. In fact, it can feel like no one’s rooting for you, but Laura sure is. She loves to share her story, and she’ll even provide some motivation like “if you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”

Sure, there are a bunch of techniques out there, including pills, alleged nutrition plans and fad diets that claim to give you quick results, but it’s really all about changing the way you eat, exercise, and your overall attitude that can make a difference.

Weight lifting, in general, can do more than just burn calories. It can improve posture, reduce back pain, get rid of stress and enhance one’s overall mood. In Laura’s case, she was also able to slim down and look great!

Of course, having a little self-love along the way doesn’t hurt either. In the meantime, she always suggests that people smile the way she does until they feel the power of positivity flow through them, and of course, giving up isn’t an option.