It Looks Like A Harmless Stream, But NO ONE Who Falls In Is Ever Seen Again.

It Looks Like A Harmless Stream, But NO ONE Who Falls In Is Ever Seen Again. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you are planning a visit to England you should be aware of the Bolton Strid. While it may look like a beautiful and peaceful area of water, it is the most dangerous waterway in the world, bar none. The stretch that runs between Barden Tower and Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire is considered a very dangerous booby trap. Because it looks so innocent, it entices people to come take a closer look. Someone might think they can jump across it or even walk on the rocks across it. It doesn’t look very deep but it actually is. Not a single person has ever fallen in and escaped. Falling in will result in certain death. Not only has no one ever survived after falling into the waterway, the body of a deceased person has NEVER been recovered. They just vanish and are never seen again. Because of this no one really knows exactly how deep the waters run. The only that is known about it is the currents are extremely strong. There are sections that look narrow and shallow but below there are plenty of giant caves and areas that hold a lot more water than it looks like. It’s impossible to see what lies beneath but experts say it’s a vast world under the water and it’s not survivable if you fall in.

Here is a good clip about this dangerous area of water with a little history about it. In short, stay away from it!

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