It Looks Like A Jacket, But It’s Actually A World-Changing Miracle.

It Looks Like A Jacket, But It’s Actually A World-Changing Miracle. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Veronika Scott started a project in college that she has turned into a career. That’s not where it ends, however. She is helping the homeless in Detroit and her one project is having an effect on the city in several different ways. The name of the company is Empowerment Plan. What they do is make coats for the city’s homeless people that are very warm and padded and can be used as sleeping bags as well. Not only that but when the coat isn’t needed to be worn it can be turned into an over the shoulder bag. Scott finds homeless women in local shelters and brings them in to the company and gives them a job. So they learn a new skill that they can use in the future for other work, they create the coats, and they start to turn things around to get back on their feet. Scott really hit the jackpot with this idea. They currently employ 13 former homeless women and American Express has gotten involved with their PassionProject. They featured Scott and what she is doing in one of their videos and also made a nice contribution to help out. It’s nice to see a major company taking part in something that can make a difference, one person at a time.

**This short video will show you all about what Veronika is doing. It’s pretty cool!**

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