It Looks Like An Ordinary Car, But When They Push The Button… NO WAY.

It Looks Like An Ordinary Car, But When They Push The Button… NO WAY. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

I promise that you have never seen anything like this before! Letrons has unveiled a brand new full scale drivable BMW Transformer! That’s right, it can be operated remotely and that includes the head, neck, arms and hands, and it has a light show that you won’t believe. Letrons is based in Turkey and it took 12 engineers and 4 technicians to put this masterpiece together. In a matter of only seconds, it transforms from a beautiful Beemer into a real life Transformer. The head actually comes right out of the roof! They call it ANTIMON but what they should call it is just plain AWESOME! While it is a drivable vehicle, it isn’t yet prepared to be driven in traffic. They are looking at adding an electric engine to it and the company said that they do intend to sell it to the public eventually. They have yet to determine a price but you can bet it will be a bit hefty. It will also make you think twice before cutting off a BMW. You certainly don’t want this coming at you at the next red light! At this point in time, the vehicle can’t walk when in Transformer form. Engineers said that it can be done however, as soon as they find a buyer. I’m sure there will be plenty of people lining up to grab one of these exquisite beauties.If you ever happen to see one of these driving through your city, you better make sure not to make the driver angry. If you do, look below to see what you might come across!

While taking a look in your rear view mirror you see the car behind you extending outward? This certainly can’t be a good set of circumstances!

While you are watching this thing it starts to climb toward the sky. It wasn’t bad enough that it was going outward but now it’s going upwards as well? This can’t be good!

Once the beast is fully grown you know that you have definitely picked the wrong car on the road to cut off! While this scenario isn’t possible today, it very well could be as soon as someone buys one of these things. So be on the lookout for one of these magnificent beasts!

This is one awesome piece of machinery. And they say that it will even be able to walk once it is completely done. The only thing missing from this thing is Megan Fox!

->**You won’t believe what you are about to see!**<-

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