Izzy And Zoe Are Two Cats You Need To Follow On Instagram.

Izzy And Zoe Are Two Cats You Need To Follow On Instagram. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Brace yourself because we’re about to blow the concept that only “Care Bears” can wear heart patches on their chest right out the window! This is Zoe and she’s the most adorable cat you’ve ever laid eyes on and she’s literally all heart. So when a human family went over to the pet shop to adopt her sister Izzy, she put her charm and her heart out for them to see and it worked! Not only did the family end up adopting Izzy, but they adopted Zoe as well too. Now the two are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and have even become social media sensations overnight.She’s the one wearing a natural heart-shaped fur patch on her chest, which ironically is also anatomically correct.

She’s got so much more fur than her sister does so they’ve nicknamed her “The Fluff”, but in most cases, people also prefer calling her the “Queen of Hearts” and with good reason.

Her heart is all furry and her amber eyes appear to glow like gems. You only wish the world had more beautiful things to offer like this one.

Unlike Zoe, her sister Izzy is a lot more adventurous and fearless. But that doesn’t mean that Zoe is a wet rag either.

But then there are moments like this where she prefers to be serious and quiet. So the family just lets her be.

But she’s also very affectionate towards her sister and her human friends. Well… most of the time.

She has her own account and a massive 75,000 followers.

But recently, she’s allowed her sister Izzy to share the spotlight, and now the two have amassed and impressive fanbase with their expressive and totally adorable faces.

And even as she’s grown, she hasn’t lost any of her cuteness.

She even has a series of favorite lounging spots throughout the house, including her look-out post on the stairs.

She’s always there willing to offer a helping paw to anyone that needs it, including her sister or her human family.

It’s a good thing that the family decided to keep her and Izzy together. It’s double the pleasure, double the fun for the entire family. Although we have to admit that it must be difficult trying not to pick a favorite. Now wouldn’t you love to come home to something this cute? We think so.

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